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  1. Folks, Im looking for a rack mount kit for the EA3? Would these be available through a dealer or would I have to buy separately. I can't find anyone that sells them in Europe. Came across this code: C4-EA3RMK1-BL but no luck on buying in EU. Chris
  2. Hi folks Im in the last stages of my residential construction, and I was just about to place an order for networking equipment but my integrator called me and said I take no responsibility for your system to work with Ubiquiti hardware, and you cannot blame me if anything goes wrong. Now, obviously my integrator wants to sell me his own expensive stuff, but as he is taking no responsibility if something goes wrong, I am now having 2nd thoughts. (And to add I am also worried that if something else goes wrong with the integration, he might use the Ubiquiti as a scapegoat). I will be using an EA3 system, with approximately 30 lan ports around the house and 15 devices on POE. My plan was to purchase: 5x Unifi NanoHD 1x UniFi Security Gateway 1x UniFi Switch 24 PoE Gen2 1x UniFi Switch 48 Non-PoE 1x UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 What are your thoughts on the above? Would you recommend something else instead of any of the above equipment? Ideally I want to remain within the same price range as the above. Thanks Chris
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