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  1. I suspect this might not be a popular question but I think Control4 system might be overkill for my simple needs of streaming audio (eg Spotify, TV) to six wires zones in my house. No automation. Looking for alternative DIY system recommendations like Sonos instead of upgrading my old 250 controller. Thanks
  2. How do you send the audio from your device Spotify to C4? Bluetooth? If so, isn’t your range limited?
  3. Sounds good! What's next step? My two things to address are: 1. Fix music streaming. Streaming Pandora used to work but now shows playing but no sound. Ideally I'd like to stream Spotify from our iPhones. 2. Reprogram so that the living room TV doesn't try to use cable for audio since that's been replaced with built in YouTube TV. Would prefer to use TV remote.
  4. Thanks much for the info! Since i'm just looking for basic home audio features I'll stick with the HC250 and find a remote dealer than can help me with a few things.
  5. New to the forum and totally impressed by the community of help available here. I'm less than pleased with my local dealer support so trying to figure my options. Not happy with lack of response, trying to sell me the latest equipment, and proposing an hourly rate to come fix a problem when I thought I gave them setup to do remote work. All I plan to use my C4 in the short term is home audio via TV and streaming audio services (e.g. Spotify). I'm a tech and DIY so of course I'd like to figure this out myself if I can. I have a few questions if I could get some advice: 1. Is an HC-250-BL controller old technology that needs upgrading? 2. Can this controller support Spotify streaming? 3. I'm running OS 2.10.4 and I see OS 3 is available and looks great. Is this something I could upgrade myself with Composer Home Edition? 4. I changed my living room TV setup from cable to built-in YouTubeTV so need to do some reprogramming. Is this something I could do myself with Composer HE? Thanks!
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