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  1. I was able to load up the project onto the controller and it is visible, but since the controller is in zigbee mode and my switches are embernet, the setup does not work. I do see the switches etc in the interface but I can't upgrade the switches to zigbee since all of the upgrade links in the controller to the control4 website are dead. Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Jeff
  2. Tried to fix the power supply, unfortunately that was not the problem. I found an old unit on ebay that had the correct software version, but it was setup in zigbee mode. Thanks for the responses.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade from my AVM-HTC1-B to something newer(supported). All of my devices are still embernet. Are there any upgrade paths available to me? Thanks, Jeff
  4. How do I get 1.7.4 installed in these units? Any help here is appreciated.
  5. There is no TS/C pin label on the back of my C4 thermostat. I don't have the Rev B manual. Can I wire a common wire to the outer TS pin on the back of the thermostat? Thanks, Jeff
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