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  1. Thanks For Response guys! Yes i have added 4 different email adresses for 4 different iphones ( So that i have in the app the right names by the phones to call ) Yes C4 proposed in programming example : "when doorbutton OPEN" has bin pressed, stop the call, ( The phones stop then) but this in real life use don't work, the image of the DS2 camera falls off course away when someone opens the door. I used the DS2 allot but never had this issue before , or it did not stand out because i had never all the Iphones at one spot. It looks like bug
  2. Good afternoon everyone. I'm new here C4 installer from Amsterdam. Did some reading here in the past years but never used my account so this is my first topic "yeah". Maybe someone has a solution / workaround for this , I just finished a nice apartment here in Amsterdam and have a DS2 IP + 2N fingerprint unit at the street door. When someone rings the doorbell all the phones with intercom anywhere app & T3 TP's in the house start ringing like they should , when I answer a call on a touch panel the Iphone's keep on going on for like 20/30 seconds, if I answer the call from a
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