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  1. Is there a way to arm the panel from the C4 touch screens without requiring entry of the alarm code?
  2. My 8” T4 adaptive screen brightness setting never seems to stick. I check it (to enable adaptive brightness), and every time I come back after ~ 1 hr, the setting is disabled again. Anyone else experience this issue? Any fixes? Thanks.
  3. Update: we were able to fix the issue! On the panel side, the following two errors in setup/programming were present: 1 - in the tuxedo touch panel settings, the tuxedo touch panel was set as the “primary RIS device”. We unchecked that. (The other relevant settings were ECP address = 1 (which specifies the virtual keypad address used by the tuxedo touch panel), RIS address = 25). 2 - in the panel, the 189 field was set at 1,1,5,5. And there were also a number of physical keypad addresses activated in fields 190-196. We decided to use ECP address 2 for the 4232CBM, so we changed the 189 field to 1,5,1,1 (I only have 1 partition, the 5 in this setting in the 2nd position enabling RIS for ECP address 2 for partition 1). We also disabled all of the physical keypad addresses in fields 190-196, as I don’t have any physical keypads, and just to be extra clean about the setup. Not sure if we needed to disable fields 190-196, or if ECP addresses 5 and 6 (fields 3 and 4 in setup field 189) needed to remain enabled (with 1 in each of those fields) but these are the settings I have seen online so we went with it. After the above we just needed to specify ECP address 2 on the control4 4232CBM driver side, and power cycle the 4232CBM and/or reconnect in the driver for the 4232cbm to “grab” the new programming from the driver. After that, we were up and running! Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions.
  4. Does the camera resolution need to be set to 720p or less (as indicated in the installation instructions)? Or can we get away with 1080p? Any experience with this?
  5. Thanks! Just following the supplied instructions should allow for, for example, live camera feeds in the grid view from the T4 screens?
  6. I’m still working on this but will report back what ended up Working once I have the time to sort it out. To document the solution for my situation for others.
  7. We have a setup with about a dozen Hik cameras and an NVR (cameras connected to switch built into the NVR). What is the best driver or combination of drivers for this setup considering factors such as resolution and/or frame rate when viewing cameras on T4 touch screens, live (rather than still images) in the grid view on T4 touch screens, responsiveness of pulling up full screen camera feeds, etc.? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Seems there are so many potential combinations of drivers and settings—would be nice to be able to start in a solid place. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the insights. Will look into those.
  9. Thanks! The system just has 1 tuxedo touchpad (no other keypads).
  10. I’m working with my dealer on integrating a Vista 20P panel with my control4 system using the Honeywell 4232cbm module. We see the correct panel status line on the C4 alarm “status” page, but can’t arm/disarm, zones don’t populate, and keypad inputs from the C4 keypad UI don’t register with the panel (e.g., typing in code + 1 (off) does not turn off the alarm if it is armed). But keypad entry from the C4 keypad UI does cause the “data” LED on the 4232 to flash, so it seems like the keypad commands are at least making it to the 4232. From the above description, any thoughts on whether the problem is more likely to be on the panel programming side, or the C4/driver side?
  11. Are any dealers able/willing to sell and ship a 10” white T4 touch screen? Thank you!
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