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  1. Thanks all! With respect to the Leaf/Control4 LU642, any issues using it in conjunction with higher end processors/receivers like an Anthem or Marantz?
  2. Looking for recommendations on a good video matrix switch compatible with C4. Must haves: 4K HDR video Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, etc passthrough capabilities At least 1 HDMI out At least 3 more outs, whether through Cat5/6 or HDMI directly Inputs = at least 6 Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Are you able to provide some model#s of the C4 native solutions which you suggest to go with?
  4. Does Sonos integrate well with C4? Better/worse than a multi-zone amp+matrix which has Spotify/Tidal streamers?
  5. Thanks for all of this guys! What about cameras? Are there any good, cost-effective, cameras/NVR's to look at?
  6. Thanks for all of the feedback! Would you recommend an EA-3 for my media room as well? Are you familiar with the Ecobee thermostats tying into Control4? Do they work well, or would you recommend another type of thermostat?
  7. Hello C4 Community! I am new to C4 when it comes to having it installed for myself. Looking to build a custom home (nothing uber fancy) and looking to have some home automation and integration. I have spoken to a couple of dealers who have been open to me providing the hardware, doing the prewire, and having them come in to put everything together and do the programming. Was hoping that you would be able to help me understand what components I need so that I can have everything ready. Here's what our home will consist of: 4 bedrooms (no TVs). 1 living room with T
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