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  1. Great idea. I don't have a physical goodnight button, but I can program a custom button or a light switch to do all of that. Thank you!
  2. My main concern is leaving open overnight I guess. So maybe I can just create a command that says at 11pm or something shut garage door? Same with my gate. If they are already closed then I guess the command won't execute. One concern would be if someone just so happened to be driving up at that exact time and the gate shut on them or the garage door. Garage door has safety sensors and I guess the gate does too so perhaps not an issue.
  3. Didn't think about that and makes sense to me. Thank you. So, lets say I said at 9pm please check to see if my garage door is open and if it is open send me a push notification. What would be the best solution? I just got composer a few days ago, so apologies for beginners type question.
  4. Hello, I’m trying to create the following programming in Composer HE. When the time is between 9pm and 11:45pm AND the garage door is open send me a push notification saying I have left my garage door open. I have tried this in the Macros Agent but doesn’t seem to work. I have seen suggestions for timers, etc but would rather not do that Thanks for the help!
  5. Thank you. That is my guess as well. I remember the installer told me they had to use TV volume control, if I wanted a GUI of volume on the TV for the ARC. I am running optical for the sonos ARC and not HDMI given I have run out of HDMI inputs on my TV. My guess is I can't have both an on screen Volume GUI and also have the volume slider feature
  6. Hello, I have been having multiple issues with finding the correct driver for my AT&T U-verse STB that has all the working remote commands. Each driver my C4 dealer tries, seems to have a major issue with a remote command or two. The model is Pace IPH8010. Appreciate the help.
  7. Hello, Recently installed C4 in my house. I have a Sonos ARC in my master bedroom which integrates nicely into the system. One issue is that the Volume control for the Master Bedroom (ie Sonos ARC) is a simple plus/minus GUI vs a volume slider in all the other rooms. My installer told me that I could not change that because of the Sonos Driver. Has anyone had experience with this?
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