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  1. Telnet is not a 3rd party control, it's a standardize protocol that I'm able to leverage communicating to my Video Matrix. Control4 doesn't utitlize any kind of protocols to communicate over the intranet? They're using proprietary communication protocols?
  2. *disclaimer: very new to control4 I've built an A/V Web App for my family's sports bar that controls our DirecTV Boxes, Video Matrix & "Audio Matrix" all in one simple user friendly interface. The "Audio Matrix" is in quotes because we're actually using a Yamaha Receiver as a Matrix which for the most part actually works pretty well. I'm using NODE JS to control these devices where there's already pre-compiled NODE packages for DirecTV and Yamaha and for the Video Matrix, I'm simply using a Telnet package. The problem is that as we add more audio inputs, we're maxing out the Ya
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