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  1. I think about 13-14 switches. There is one keypad in the kitchen near the touch screen with 8 buttons and I have zero idea what they do. If it makes sense to keep the C4 system (and it sounds like maybe it does), is my best bet just to contact a local dealer and see what I need to do to get it functional? (I realized after the first reply to this thread I probably posted in the wrong forum to ask about C4 alternatives lol!)
  2. Thanks all for your input. The controller is still present and attached to the network (I think it's the HC-250), although admittedly I'm still trying to untangle exactly how everything in the network is connected. He also has a Luxul XBR-400 gigabit router, Luxul XMS-1024 gigabit switch, and a Luxul AC1900 XAP-1510 high power WAP. There is a single 10 inch wall mounted touch screen (C4-WALL10-WH), although it does not seem to turn on and he told me it "needs a new power supply". I don't have logins or passwords for anything, so without fixing the wall mounted touch screen I'm not sure how
  3. Hello, I'm new to Control4 and smart homes in general, so please forgive my ignorance! I just purchased a home from a fellow who had a Control4 system set up in the house. All of the light switches appear to be Control4 branded, as well as the thermostat. There is a managed gigabit network switch with Cat5 running all over the house. If I don't want to use Control4 (due to cost, complexity, and the closed nature of the system), is there an alternative hub system that will work with the existing switches and thermostat (Google Nest, Alexa, HomeKit, etc.)? Many thanks for getting me
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