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  1. I’m still a bit confused about adding an analog source to the 4 zone amp. I picked up a mini jack to RCA wire today and was going to test it going from the headphone jack on my Mac mini into the amp. This is just a test to see if the amp can see the input. The manual for the amp says it should work as long as the inputs are not locked out by the programmer.
  2. Thanks for those answers, even airplay 1 will be better than the tidal app. I’m really hoping my dealer can utilize the analog input.
  3. After thinking about this a little I’d like to revise this question to simply setting up an airport express to act as an analog input (source) for the 4 zone amp. This would get me not only roon but also AirPlay. I assume airplay is not available on my system.
  4. Greetings, I’m a new user and just moved into a home that’s equipped with a Control 4 system. When using the Control4 app on my iPhone, I hate the Tidal interface. I noticed the 4 zone has digital and analog inputs. I’m wondering if I can use an apple airport express as a roon endpoint feeding the analog input on the 4 zone amp. My hope is to use roon to control my music instead of the tidal integration on the Contol4. One more question, does the Control4 offer Apple Music? Thanks in advance, Rick
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