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EV Driver for Sonos via C4


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Hi folks,

I'm using the latest driver that EV has on my C4 system which has Sonos gear integrated. EV has been able to address a couple of issues with their software but there are a couple of major (I consider major anyways) that C4 needs to address.

The issues for me have to do with Streaming Online Services & with pulling up my iTunes library via C4. With respect to streaming online services, there is no SEARCH mechanism available when I use Napster for example. EV's answer to this is as follows:

"Search will not be possible on any device until Control4 makes an on screen keyboard available. This is not something we have control over."

Anybody know if C4 is going to allow for this or if they are even aware of this?

The other issue has to do with searching my iTunes library. It takes forever just to load it and then I have to scroll to get from Header Section A to Header Section S for example. EV's answer to this is as follows:

"The iTunes Library through Sonos on the iPad/iPhone app problems is down to an error in the existing iPad/iPhone app and is being resolved by Control4."

Anybody know anything about this? Perhaps, is there a specific patch(es) that would address these two issues that C4 has available?

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