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  1. Hi All, I want to get the iTunes/airplay driver installed so I can browse my Apple Music library directly on the control4 interfaces and play them through either my c4 4 zone amp and if possible to all other shairbridges in my project. two questions I have : 1- Does it support only purchased music or will it also play downloaded encoded content from my apple music membership ? 2- Do I need to run a 3.5mm to RCA jack from the PC running iTunes into my 4 zone amp or is this all done wirelessly ? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I just got a hold of a Samsung PTZ ip camera (model SNP-5321). Is it possible to integrate it directly into control4 ? Or would I have to wire it into something like a wirepath DVR ? Any advice would be great. Thank You
  3. samsong

    For Sale for not much

    Do you still want these ?
  4. samsong

    For Sale for not much

    HC-300 with brand new PSU Speaker Point. 50$ for both
  5. Any chance you will put up a youtube video showing these new cool features ?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. Lets wait some more
  7. Anyone got an update on these axis blinds ? really looking forward to this but it all seems unclear if it works or even exists
  8. samsong

    Nest protect integration

    Since Nest can use geofencing to know if youre home or away, can control4 be used to trigger off that for geofencing pusposes ?
  9. Hi all, I have a Panasonic TC-55CX800U TV. I am controlling via IR driver. However this TV works with the Viera app on my iPhone, which must mean it has some sort of IP control capability. Can anyone tell me if there is a driver for it ? Or maybe an IP driver from another model could work ? Could one be created ? Or does the TV require to be pre-built specifically for smart home system control. Thanks
  10. Hi All, I am selling 16 LDZ-102P10-W dimmers. They are in great condition and on zigbee pro. They have been installed in a show room for less than 6 months and then stored neatly. I am selling them 50$ each. Ideally as a lot, not individually. If the whole lot is purchased I will include shipping.
  11. Oh ok thanks guys. they must of moved it less than 48 hours ago
  12. Hi all, i want to purchase the sinope thermostat driver from houselogix. I was able to see it listed on the houselogix website last week but i dont see it anymore. anyone here able to confirm if its still available ? thanks
  13. Interesting. We have the same setup. I will have to verify and see if my HC800 processor is high when it fails.
  14. Hi All, I added the Alexa Epic Systems driver to my project (2.9 running on an HC800). Great driver, opens up all kinds of ideas. However, I am getting many non responsive commands. Like living room is not responding when I ask to turn on living room for example. Seems to happen maybe on 20% of all triggers I call for. Seems to be the same problem as the native control4 Alexa driver. Is anyone else seing this on their epic systems driver ? Is there some sort of workaround ? Thanks