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  1. In my case I am using the Hikvision IPC Camera driver.
  2. Hi All; I got a problem after updating to 2.10.0. I have an IP Hikvision camera and It was working on my iphone before updating the HC250, after updating it is not working in my iPhone (Control4 my home app), however it is working on T3 wall display. I did the test of the camera in ComposerPro and it passed without problem. Anyone with same issue and have got solved this problem. Any help or ideas are appreciated!!!!

    Thanks for your help. Device is not updating. I have changed by other WMB and the situation is the same. I can access the WMB from my web browser, I get answer from ping, so it means the device is alive in the network. I do not know if the problem can be in the router. I am lost with this issue.
  4. I have a problem with the Wirless Music Bridge since it is appearing as offline in Composer. It is showed as PORT 42072 OFFLINE in Network Tools. If I ping the WMB IP address the device is up. Have somebody any idea about this issue? How can I have this port online? I already reset the network settings on the WMB, but the same situation. Delete the driver and create a new one, identify again in the project, but the same situation. I appreciate your answer and support!!!
  5. It is a bug in Composer2.9.1. Build 532307. Problem was solved with last version of ComposerPro2.9.1 (build 532986). Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  6. It could be caused because the director process was not enabled by the HC when it turned on again. To enable this process you need the system manager option from composer pro (I am not sure if the composer home edition has the system manager software). In system manager you have to click on your HC and then click on status tab and check the status of director. If it is disabled you can enable it and try to access the HC from the director again. Also you can check navigator process status. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  7. The system does not accept decimal place. When I type the decimal I got an error "Latitude must be a value between xx and - xx". I changed the regional configuration making the decimal with . and , but the result is the same ... the system changes the value to an integer. I checked the internet connection and it is ok (system diagnostics/controller networking/test internet connection). The DNS serve1 is the ISP DNS address and the DNS Server2 is the google┬┤s one.
  8. I got a problem with a HC800 controller. I look up the customer location, the controller find it, however when I click the accept button the latitude and longitude values change to integer values. For example, latitude 7,569440 changes to 75694400. I tried to enter them manually but the result is the same. As a consequence the C4 display does not show the exterior temperature and the daytime / nightime does not work since the controller has an invalid latitude/longitude value. Any help to solve this issue would be appreciated. Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk

    IO will be controlling 6 blinds. As I do not want music streaming I am not sure if the EA1 will be ok keeping in mind the other devices (1 receiver, 1 projector, 2 dimmers, C4 4 zone amprifier)

    Yes, it is a C4 4 zone matrix amp. The receiver is an Onkyo TX-NR626. I wont need music streaming.
  11. Can I use an EA1 controller in a project with: receiver, 4 zone amplifier, 2 dimmers, WMB and I/O extender.
  12. Alarm Interface - IT100

    No, the driver does not have the option to input the passcode into the partition for arming. I re-check and there is communication between the IT-100 and Control4, but I have no idea about this situation. I replaced the IT-100 and the behaivor is the same.
  13. Alarm Interface - IT100

    Thanks for your support. I checked the driver and I am using the correct one. I have the same UI interface, but the alarm do nothing when I press a button from the iphone or ipad. I have deleted the alarm and created it again, but same situation
  14. I have a system with a problem using the alarm DSC1832. I am using the IT-100 connected to I/O Extender port. Alarm system is working ok, however when I try to arm the alarm from the C4 interface (IOS) it does nothing, so it does not arm, it does not receive any command from this interface. I checked from composer the communication between the alarm and C4 and it is working. In last serial debug command received I get information online, if a sensor activates it is showed in debug command line, anything happening with the alarm is showed at debug command line. I was thinking the IT-100 was broken, but I see it is working and communicating with I/O Extender. Any clue about this problem? I appreciate any help or support with this.
  15. Hi, I got a problem with audio using a HC-250. I have rebooted my controller however the audio is not working. Wiring and connections are OK. When I use my iphone and try to do streaming using TuneIn I get the audio data connected but the zone does not work. The only thing that I see different before rebooting is the HC250 Port 6100 is offline. Can this port offline cause this problem?? If I try to access the USB memory using media option I get an error "The device you are trying to access is offline". Can somebody help me to solve this problem. Thanks,