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  1. I have try both of the houselogix drivers and for some reason i cannot get them to work..
  2. Hello, What will be the best and easy to use driver to integrate Somfy RTS using URTSI 2 to control4? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for the driver to control the new Sunbrite TV model SB-S-43-4K from the signature series. Any help will be really appreciated. I am triying to use the HDbaseT as my video input source. thanks in advance
  4. Hello ADE, Did you found the Driver for the MAG254? Thanks in advance
  5. do you guys know where i can find the driver? Will it display video on the touch screens? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, what will be the most simple way to control couples of shades with C4 and what cable should i run in preparation for future motorized shades. Any advise on this will be really appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thanks. the relay has 3 connection C-NO-NC. where should i connect the cables.
  8. Can this be done without using the card access if you have a cable from your controller to the motor? Thanks
  9. hi,


    Di you ever got  driver for your samsung Sound bar HW-FM45C?




    1. CrazyFire


      Sorry for delayed response. Didn't visit suite for a while. I made a driver which has some hiccups like power but volume works.

  10. Vstar just want to let you know that I try it yesterday and it works great. Thank you very much for the help really appreciate it.
  11. Great. Thanks
  12. Im looking for the Pioneer VSX-31 driver or similar diver that will control thi AV receiver. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks In advance.