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  1. @AmrI received the 2 screens I ordered yesterday and replaced my first this morning. It worked like a champ! Great instructions. Took me about 30 minutes to replace my first and expect the second will be a little quicker. The toughest part was the actual screen replacement itself. I didn't realize that the plastic frame around the screen wasn't supposed to come off the board, so I spent time doing that - then realized it would be easier to pry the screen off the frame if it was still fixed to the board. The screen did pry off in pieces due to the level of adhesive on the frame - not sure if I can get it off in one piece on the next one. The other difficult part was seating the ribbon into the pin slot. I wasn't real sure where the slot was located because my 59 year old eyes couldn't see it and my brain couldn't remember! But your photo cleared it right up and I was able to seat the ribbon just fine once I knew the location of the slot. I have to admit when I was in the middle of prying the screen off the frame I was thinking "maybe the juice isn't worth the squeeze on this one", but once I got everything put back together and saw the results I was all "Hell Yeah". My wife was very impressed too! All-in cost including shipping was $41.52 for my order of 2 screens - so very economical. The only thing is not sure if the new LCD is color or monochrome. The text came up all white but the color was set to green prior. Not sure if it just doesn't need to be reset. The only thing that would be a great improvement would be for the screen to come with the frame - would make the replacement much easier. But I will still do another screen because the improvement is so good. Thanks again for. your help.
  2. @dragonfly74To start, I've never de-installed a system before - but I have some thoughts that may be helpful. We built our house with C4 4 years ago. I thought about re-sale at the time (i.e. what if a buyer did not want the system) and to me the biggest hurdle would be light switch locations where a multi-gang switch would be located, but because a C4 can be up to 6 switches in a single gang box, only a single gang box was installed. And I realize you wouldn't install 6-gang boxes (or some combination) at these locations, but I know in most cases you would at least want a double or triple gang box (and that is what the original non-C4 wiring plan specified). I don't have panelized lighting, but even then I have secondary switches for some locations as a backup to control loads in case the main processor is offline. The point being is the house is not wired for traditional light switches - so that would have to be a conversion design issue. I think I saw 4 C4 multi-switches installed, and those would be the areas of greatest concern for me. I would be asking what traditional switch/es go/es into those locations and is the wiring there to support the functionality I want installed (or can it be). To answer that question, I'd look for an electrician with C4 experience. That's probably rare, so you might get your electrician out to the house to see if the wiring makes sense to him\her knowing that you may end up scheduling time for the electrician and with local C4 installer to plan the switch over. And it may cost you a few hundred each to get them out there. But, IMO the money is well spent because lighting is a basic item that just needs to work and this is for the very long term of the house. Good luck with it. I'd love to hear how it comes out as there are several posts about de-installing an entire system for re-sale, etc. on the forum but not really a recap of the events to actually get it done.
  3. @Amr provided this recently - towards the bottom of the thread.
  4. Thank you! Where do you buy the new screen?
  5. That would be great. Thanks
  6. @Amr That sounds pretty cool. I have several 260's that could use a new LCD. Any chance you could post a "how to" with pictures or video?
  7. I have both versions, 5 with batteries and 1 with a charger. The ones with batteries probably last around 3 months-there is just 2 of us in the house most of the time. Can’t really say how long a charge lasts because it’s in a seldom used room. But my personal preference is more ergonomic related. I prefer the units with batteries vs. the charger because I don’t like seeing the cradle and cord - piques my OCD I guess! I could put the cradle in a cabinet and get it out of the way very easily though. Honestly, I think you’d be happy either way.
  8. Thanks! Didn't know that was discontinued too.
  9. Interesting. Is the OS3 compatible Windows app Flash based?
  10. My guess is the folks at C4 looked at how many downloads of Mac vs Winows plus considered Composer being a Windows-based application and decided it made sense to save some recurring money by dropping a code set. While I liked having the Mac app, there are so many other access options (TV OSD, T3, SR-260’s, every iPhone and iPad in the house, etc.), I can’t really fault C4 for that decision. Plus, the app does run on a Mac now - you just need a new Mac with the M1 chip. The M1 chip runs all IOS apps natively. Maybe a great reason to buy a new Mac! The M1’s sure look cool and with the battery life of an iPad - nice.
  11. All of mine have alternate "switches" (most always on a 6-button KPD) elsewhere in the house (in a convenient location relative to the load/s or scene function). I think only 1 button on a KPD directly controls a load and all the others need the controller to cause the intended action. I haven't counted them up, but we have way more than the 10 backup switches in the house (counting a 6-button KPD as 6 switches).
  12. Here's what was installed - same config both closets; 5 2-gang switches. The closet in the picture is the same one with the C4 equipment rack; the other closet is at the other end of the house. Good news is in 4+ years I think I've used them once.
  13. Others can say for sure, but for folks without panelized lighting, I think this setup may be pretty common. At least I have it. Our dealer put several single switches in two closets (one at each end of the house) to directly control the respective loads as a "back up" switch in the event of a controller/LAN outage. The backup switches don't require the controller to be online to work.
  14. Whole heartedly agree with Mitch. They are very responsive and will tell you the truth. I've dealt with them a couple of times on my bond. BTW - I'm very happy with it as well as the integration with C4. Works as advertised - one way is still very beneficial. Mitch helped me to add Chowmain's driver and some related automation - one use case just tested with tropical storm Elsa perfectly! - so if you need some assistance, I'd highly recommend him as well as Alan's driver.
  15. What version of WebOS are you on? My OLED is on 06.00.05 and has Quickstart and Turn On via WiFi both on. I don't use serial control, but IP via Annex4 driver (excellent driver in use for 4 years), so not sure how much help this may be - but might be worth a shot.
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