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  1. I'd price to sell mine with the system or I'd have to invest some pre-sale to deinstall/retrofit - primarily due to lighting control. Several lights wouldn't work without the controller and those that would would require going to hidden locations to turn them on. And a retrofit might be pretty ugly because most switch locations have single gang boxes with keypad dimmers and multi-gang boxes would be required. TVs might be an issue too as all are wall mounted and some on tiled walls that really require remote additional sources or you would spoil a really clean look. But you never know
  2. I have a Luma 500 DVR and I use Luma VMS for Mac too. Camera PTZ settings are under "Control Panel" then select "Main View". Zoom, Iris and Focus control buttons are in the "PTZ Control" section on the left (Rainey and dark out tonight!).
  3. Well, our dealers know a heck of a lot more than we do about it! Plus it's his design so he's accountable for it working - so I'd follow the recommendation too.
  4. @CT-Mike - plan looks good to me. I assume you have LiftMaster Security+ doors now so you need the Garadgets. The Z2IOs also serve to expand the Zigbee mesh - so you might wait on the CA-1 until after you get those in and favor their installation closer to the flakey thermostat if it makes sense. Just as a simple test, I took an SR-260 remote to the garage Z2IO install location and made sure I could work the TV from there - like you I had garage door lights switches on C4 so I knew I had Zigbee presence in the garage. The idea of swapping the thermostats makes sense too. Price doesn't
  5. I implemented the design and I'm happy to report it works great! Thank you to all that helped with review/comments and special thanks to @msgreenf for a great job with all the programming and @chopedogg88for excellent service providing the C4 parts I needed. I highly recommend both of them any time you need assistance. This was my first experience with remote support and I'll do it again without hesitation. The responsiveness of the Z2IO-based solution is incredibly different than the MyQ integration solution plus I really like the C4 "garage door" experience button. Although I allowe
  6. @jcn Not yet. I don't have the Z2IO's. I'm guessing within the next 2-3 weeks I'll report my outcome - and I will document the install experience.
  7. My system was installed about 3 years ago and I find it would be very convenient if I had more functionality at one of my "wall switch" locations. Can you easily "swap out" an adaptive phase dimmer (C4-ADP120) with a keypad dimmer (C4-KD120) to obtain more buttons (functionality)? I have an ADP in a hallway (see photo below) where I really could use additional functionality and would like to replace it with a KPD. The ADP is currently coupled with an auxiliary keypad (C4-KA) to control two can lights per the diagram below (AD30 and A30). I would still like to control the two can lights
  8. Thank you to all - very helpful responses. Interesting idea - do you have logic that says if door was status=closed and is now neither closed nor open then status="opening"; if the door was status=open and is now neither open nor closed then status="closing"? Any other alerts/automation driven off of "closing" and "opening" status? I agree it would be much simpler if Liftmaster / Chamberlain would support an official API. But even then, if they didn't change their architecture, I would still be subject to internet connectivity issues as well as delays in status change. Not l
  9. A while back I posted that my dealer wanted to charge me to come out and plan my garage door integration (still never recovered from MyQ driver fail). My new plan is to do the design and install myself and have my dealer do the programming plus provide the 2 Z2IOs (I have 2 garage doors). My request to this group is help reviewing the plan to see if I learned what I was supposed to from all the great previous posts on this topic - thanks in advance. My goals are to control the opening/closing of the garage doors with Control4, display the current open/closed status of the garage doors,
  10. And that will be the day I de-install MyQ.
  11. Definitely a crack - I can slip a piece of paper into the gap.
  12. The house is 3 years old this month. We are on the same schedule! Good news is this is the only one; and probably the most used. We pretty much press the sides now.
  13. Can an end user order them, or do you need to go through a dealer? I have one that I need to replace.
  14. Thank you to all for your responses - they are very helpful. Before I made the original post, I had given my dealer a chance to change their approach, but they declined. I'm going to give them another shot using what I've learned here. Thanks and I'll let you know how it goes.
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