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  1. My dealer recommended Deezer at the time of our install and we've had it for almost 4 years. The C4 integration is great; Deezer is also available on Sonos. Deezer has browser access as well as apps for your mobile devices. We've been very happy with it.
  2. My dealer installed Luxul gear with my system install during my new home build 4 years ago. I have an ABR-4500 router, 2 24-port switches, XWC-1000 AP controller, and 3 XAP-1410 APs. I think if you search this site, you'll find a lot of negative opinions of Luxul gear. In my 4 years of using the gear - I've found it to be reliable with solid performance. I've gone through multiple firmware upgrades with only one issue in being able to connect to an AP with an old Mac - my wife's newer Mac didn't have the problem so not sure who's issue it was. So the good is it's always been there and I c
  3. Not sure this is of much worth to you, but I went through the same process when we built our home. We live in southwest Florida 10 miles from the beach and I researched outdoor TVs for our lanai (fully covered but open air). I ended up putting up an old 35" Sony (essentially free since I had no where else to use it) on one wall and bought a 2nd tier LG 4k (just under OLED level) in the main viewing area. Assuming a useful life for a proper outdoor TV of 8 years, I figured a break-even on cost of 2-3 years. Lucky for me we will have been moved in for 4 years this April and both TVs are goin
  4. BTW - My experience with the Bond Bridge has been fantastic. I learned about it through this forum and did a lot of reading posts, Chowmain’s driver doc, Bond forum, etc. The product has worked as advertised-easy to install and add devices. I got away with one bridge to control 6 fans, 3 hurricane shades, and 1 fireplace situated in 4 different rooms-your mileage may vary as it’s just like wifi AP’s - range is dependent on construction and other obstructions between the source and target. Wife uses it daily. I haven’t integrated to C4 yet because I wanted to determine reliability a
  5. Bond works on my fireplace pretty well - on, off and Hi flame buttons work; Low button does not. But it varies by make and model. Bond documentation and support is very responsive with compatibility answers if you send them a picture of your remote with FCC ID. This Bond link also provides good feedback on supported devices - it uses FCC ID as input: https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/
  6. I would imagine if you get a Mac with the new M1 chip you can run the C4 app on your Mac - the M1 runs all the other IOS apps natively. But I haven't seen it run - has anyone tried? The link for the M1 on the Apple site states (well down the page) that the M1 Mac runs all iPhone and iPad apps. Phone and iPad apps For the first time, you can run your favorite iPhone and iPad apps directly on Mac. That means more games to play. More content to watch. And more apps for all the things you love to do. They work and behave like true Mac apps — with a menu bar, support for resizabl
  7. Looks like you may have already compared driver / TVOS alignment - but any chance a new version of TVOS got auto-installed last night? Or a driver auto-update?
  8. @DLite - how reliable is the cloud service during an outage? I wanted it, but ended up not buying the cloud service because whenever our power goes out, it seems the internet is down with it (my ISP is Comcast). Maybe it connects via cell service and I just didn't investigate enough!?!?
  9. Or send a push notification to your phone when the TV is turned on between certain hours. Doesn't keep the TV from being turned on, but at least you know it happened.
  10. I bought the C4-LU862D video switch 3 years ago and I'm glad I did. I love the functionality and it's performed very well. However, I wouldn't buy it today. The main reason is I need HDBaseT and the online data sheet says the LU862D still maxes out at 4:2:0 at 4K60 which means the box still uses the old Valens chip set for its HDBaseT implementation. The Valens Stello chip family has been out for a while and it looks like the AVPro Edge HDBaseT matrix has incorporated as its rated at 4:4:4 at 4K60. And it looks like the AVPro operates in mixed mode (4K and 1080p) environments - which is p
  11. Does anyone know whether this product is shipping or if not, an ETA? TIA
  12. I have a strange problem with my DS2 that my dealer and I can't figure out. I have an EA-5 on 3.2.1 and a DS2 with hardware version 570v5 and firmware version I also have a Luma 501 DVR with 2 security cams. The video feed from the 2 Luma cams and the DS2 are combined into the C4 Security Camera view. My problem is the DS2 video will not show on the 4 - camera view pane, but the 2 Luma cams will. The DS2 video will show when in single camera view. I also get stills under History from the DS2 via motion detection events. We get the same result on all types of end user devic
  13. I don’t have HE, but 5:30a is > 5:00a Why not use 5:00p instead do 5a?
  14. We built our house with the system integrated into the build plan. In my case, I'd price the house assuming the C4 infrastructure goes with it. Most of the gear has near zero market value after 3 years so removing it doesn't provide me much value. If the buyer didn't want the light control capability, it would be a non-trivial cost to retrofit by installing multi-gang box traditional switches at all the places where I have single-gang, multi-button KD's, re-run speaker wires to local sites, etc. So I'd explain/demo to the buyer the benefits and capabilities of the system, the challenges of
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