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  1. I have both versions, 5 with batteries and 1 with a charger. The ones with batteries probably last around 3 months-there is just 2 of us in the house most of the time. Can’t really say how long a charge lasts because it’s in a seldom used room. But my personal preference is more ergonomic related. I prefer the units with batteries vs. the charger because I don’t like seeing the cradle and cord - piques my OCD I guess! I could put the cradle in a cabinet and get it out of the way very easily though. Honestly, I think you’d be happy either way.
  2. Thanks! Didn't know that was discontinued too.
  3. Interesting. Is the OS3 compatible Windows app Flash based?
  4. My guess is the folks at C4 looked at how many downloads of Mac vs Winows plus considered Composer being a Windows-based application and decided it made sense to save some recurring money by dropping a code set. While I liked having the Mac app, there are so many other access options (TV OSD, T3, SR-260’s, every iPhone and iPad in the house, etc.), I can’t really fault C4 for that decision. Plus, the app does run on a Mac now - you just need a new Mac with the M1 chip. The M1 chip runs all IOS apps natively. Maybe a great reason to buy a new Mac! The M1’s sure look cool and with the battery life of an iPad - nice.
  5. All of mine have alternate "switches" (most always on a 6-button KPD) elsewhere in the house (in a convenient location relative to the load/s or scene function). I think only 1 button on a KPD directly controls a load and all the others need the controller to cause the intended action. I haven't counted them up, but we have way more than the 10 backup switches in the house (counting a 6-button KPD as 6 switches).
  6. Here's what was installed - same config both closets; 5 2-gang switches. The closet in the picture is the same one with the C4 equipment rack; the other closet is at the other end of the house. Good news is in 4+ years I think I've used them once.
  7. Others can say for sure, but for folks without panelized lighting, I think this setup may be pretty common. At least I have it. Our dealer put several single switches in two closets (one at each end of the house) to directly control the respective loads as a "back up" switch in the event of a controller/LAN outage. The backup switches don't require the controller to be online to work.
  8. Whole heartedly agree with Mitch. They are very responsive and will tell you the truth. I've dealt with them a couple of times on my bond. BTW - I'm very happy with it as well as the integration with C4. Works as advertised - one way is still very beneficial. Mitch helped me to add Chowmain's driver and some related automation - one use case just tested with tropical storm Elsa perfectly! - so if you need some assistance, I'd highly recommend him as well as Alan's driver.
  9. What version of WebOS are you on? My OLED is on 06.00.05 and has Quickstart and Turn On via WiFi both on. I don't use serial control, but IP via Annex4 driver (excellent driver in use for 4 years), so not sure how much help this may be - but might be worth a shot.
  10. I’ve had an LU-862 for 4 years and for the most part I’ve liked it. I’ve had 1 HDBaseT port go out on the back (one of the indoor TVs) and 1 specific balun that I’ve replaced 3 times (same outdoor TV). When I replaced the balun the last time (about 2 weeks ago), I replaced with Atlona TX and RX baluns and switched to an HDMI out port vs an HDBaseT port. We’ll see how long that lasts. The outdoor TV is an old 35” Sony 1080p and it’s mounted outside under our lanai. If the balun goes again, I’m getting a new TV because I also have a 4yr old LG mounted on the opposite wall for 4yrs and I’ve never had a problem with it.
  11. That seems very warm. I'd consider running HVAC into the room with a vent that can be easily closed in the winter to keep the heat out. Really cool (but way overkill) would be to put a Z2IO in the room to get temp and a controllable vent close/open solution and automate it!
  12. I'm not a dealer, but I know what my dealer used when we were building the house - they used auto-cad. They started with the auto-cad file for the house plans obtained from our builder, and then added 2 layers - 1 for lighting and lighting control, and 1 for structured wiring, wireless AP's, audio, video, security, central vac, security cams, and pool alarms. Communication between my dealer and us was pretty perfect because we had a detailed drawing to help us review, ask questions so we understood, and yes - helped both of us (primarily me) remember what we agreed to - i.e. Me during walkthrough: Weren't we getting a touch screen in the this room? Dealer: See the "PW" notation on that touch screen location on the drawing? - that means "Pre-Wire" - so the wiring is there behind the wall and if you want a touch screen we can sure do a change order. Me: Crap - that's right - I remember now! Sorry. I'm sure not everyone has an auto-cad file for their project, but I bet many do. I wouldn't want to one any other way.
  13. For the Bond Bridge to work, the remote would have to work via radio frequency. If it does, then you have a chance. Get the FCC code off the back of the remote (assuming an RF remote) and you can try this site for looking up Bond Bridge supported devices: https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/ You might also open a support ticket on the Bond Bridge site with the make, model, of the fire-it and FCC ID and picture of the remote. BB support is very responsive.
  14. I don't send 2 toast messages - by "double up" I meant that I send the same message via push to our mobile devices and also via toast to the LG TVs. I'm happy with the LG implementation of the messages - both size of the message box and the duration of display. But you bring up a great point that you could send the toast message twice with a delay to get a longer duration. I've never read the driver doc, so I don't know whether there's a variable to set duration of display - functionality might be there too.
  15. I generally double up on the toast messages and regular push notifications - garage door open/closed; garage door left open, etc. They are only up there for seconds.
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