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  1. Have you tried a different HDMI out on your Denon? I've had HDMI ports go bad before while the rest of the AVR works fine.
  2. I went ahead and updated the firmware this morning to V02.25. No issues with the install - but no change in my issue of having to toggle through a specific path of sources before the target comes on. For those interested, the path I'm having issue with is connected as follows: Xfinity DVR to LU862D to Sony STR-ZA1100ES AVR to LG OLED65B7P TV. I have the Annex4 LG driver and mini drivers for YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The issue is when I go from YouTube LG Smart TV source to the Xfinity source - the picture just comes in as snow. To get the Xfinity picture to come in, I have to first go to Netflix LG Smart TV source then go to Xfinity and it works fine. At this point, I'm guessing that it's a programming issue. Ideas welcome.
  3. I have a Control4 LU862D video matrix running firmware version v02.23. I've been very happy with the switch, but in some instances when going from one source to another, I have to toggle a few sources before the target will show on the screen. I logged into the matrix and see that I'm 2 releases behind on firmware and am wondering if there are updates that may fix the issue I'm having. Does anyone have the release notes for v02.25? Has anyone had any issues upgrading to this release?
  4. I agree it's still a thing too. We built our house in the past two years and the bedrooms have the top half of the outlet on a switch where the bedside tables go and we have lamps plugged in that are controlled from C4. The bottom half is always hot for plug-in of clock radio, etc. We also have outlets on switches in the living room and dining room - both controlled via C4. We are very happy with the design.
  5. Thanks lippavisual. I do believe that is when I'm seeing it - when the power is off long enough for the battery to drain. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen while I'm on the road and my wife has to deal with it. My telephone support skills are improving; lucky I'm still alive and the system is still installed! Kind of a bummer in that box is only a little over a year old.
  6. I have a WB-UPS-1100-8 that periodically freaks out when we get a power drop (I live in Florida). The box then goes into a difficult to recover state where the alarm sounds and can't be shut off. It seems as though the box does not recognize that utility power has come back on. The recovery procedure is to turn the box off (which doesn't just happen with one attempt - it makes you work for it with several attempts), then unplug the box from the wall, then plug it back in a few minutes later. My guess is this procedure enables the WB to understand that utility power is back on and then resumes power distribution. Has anyone seen this problem? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  7. hhhhhmmmmm . . . Hey Wap, some interesting posts this weekend and last. I'm old enough to remember when local area networking with a PC was new. You had to install your own card and IP stack and you had to get it all to work together. And don't forget layer 1 - because it wasn't there either. You had to hire people with knowledge to come do it for you. Now, it's all automated and comes standard out of the box "plug and play". So yes, with Amazon and Apple moving into the space, there will be evolution of lighting, av, etc. control toward the easier. But until then, even 30+ year tech vets like me need help. I think Control4's model still has legs. I think "getting easier" will take longer in this space because there are so many different technologies that converge in this space (to name only a few): Lighting and lighting control A myriad of different AV manufacturers with standard control technology, but no control messaging standards. IR has been out for decades and you still have to program each and every "universal remote" to the manufacturer's implementation. Evolving content standards HD, 4k, 8k, etc. Evolving content delivery standards and transports: HDCP, HDMI, HDBaseT, HDBase T over IP, etc. Evolving content providers: satellite, cable, internet, etc. Cameras, D/NVRs, NAS, etc. Networking 802.11 ethernet zigbee Personally, I think "rocket science" only gets so easy. I'm glad I have a dealer that integrated the Control4 product with all the other technologies I have in the house because I know I don't have the time to do it all, I don't have the time to keep up with the "state of the art" in all these areas, and I don't think I can get my skill level where it needs to be in all these areas not to screw something up. Heck, I have full-size rack of equipment in the house - are you kidding me? Ha! Who'd have ever thunk???? Rock on Wap . . .dreamers are often the change agents
  8. I do have spare cables that can balun the signal back. How would that work back at the rack?
  9. My wife and I built a house that closed less than a year ago so I was in your shoes recently. I wanted 4k 4:4:4 @ 60fps too, but Valens didn't have the chip set out for 4k 4:4:4 @ 60fps over HDBaseT at the time. I ended up getting the C4/Leaf LU862D matrix switch and it has worked very well for us. I'll just have to bite the bullet when the next generation comes out - because it's definitely a fork-lift upgrade. I have 3 brands of TV installed - an old Sony, 3 LGs (2 LEDs and 1 OLED) and a Pioneer Elite. I added the Annex4 LG C4 drivers about 4 months ago and really like how that turned out. I would highly recommend LG's with the Annex4 driver / mini-drivers - very nice combo. While I do have 1 AppleTV (3rd gen), I choose to stream from SmartTVs for Netflix, Hulu, Plex and YouTube. I get 4k that way, but the downside is audio from the TV speakers vs. down mixed through the sound system. I thought about trying for HDMI ARC back to the audio matrix, but research on this site says that's a bad idea. I went with CAT7a from the switch to the TVs along with a couple CAT6's (only using 1 for LAN connection on smart TV's) and COAX (unused at present). CAT7a is terminated RJ-45 on both ends with enough cable to re-terminate if needed; hopefully that will take me through 4k. I made a ppt of the equipment and a high-level connection diagram to better understand how the system actually works. I've attached it in case you might find it helpful. I do run video from my EA-5 through my matrix switch. While it's not best practice, it works for us because there are only 2 of us in the house that use the system and so we really don't run into contention for the feed. Home Audio Video Network.pptx
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