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  1. Can an end user order them, or do you need to go through a dealer? I have one that I need to replace.
  2. Thank you to all for your responses - they are very helpful. Before I made the original post, I had given my dealer a chance to change their approach, but they declined. I'm going to give them another shot using what I've learned here. Thanks and I'll let you know how it goes.
  3. We built our house 3 years ago and worked with a dealer recommended by our builder to add home automation from Control4. The dealer did a fantastic job and we have continued to do business with them both monthly security monitoring as well as new equipment and feature requests. I have been very happy with all the services provided by our dealer. To help better frame my question, we have done about $100k in business with our dealer - and again, I want to stress I have been very happy with every transaction. I recently asked my dealer to quote some additional business - basically our MyQ integration failed when everyone else's did so I want a Nyce tilt sensors for 2 garage doors and Z2IO integration, a new wall switch installed to go to multiple buttons vs the 1 now and I spec'd the button behaviors I wanted (with photos of the current buttons installed included in my email), plus an upgrade of the OS, and 1 or 2 small other items. I feel I did a pretty good job of spec'ing the work and on previous requests, my salesman has praised the detail included in my work requests because he says, "it's so detailed we can't screw this up". And I realize that's just a "figure of speech", but my point is I do everything I can to remove ambiguity in my requests. The issue I have now is that I got a response from my dealer on my last work request that they want to send someone out to spec my requests - which is ok - but they want to charge me an hourly rate to spec the work. I just don't feel like I should have to pay someone to work up a sales estimate for the job I want done. I feel like my dealer did the entire install, I have never used anyone else to do any work on my system, and I have never wasted their time with frivolous requests - if I ask for it, I'm pretty much doing it. I sure don't work with that business model with any other vendors I use for work on my home. Do other dealers charge customers that fit my profile to spec new work? Am I being unreasonable? Thanks for your help. I'm considering changing vendors and I really don't want to. I'm looking for a reason not to change, but I also don't see paying for something that should not be a charge.
  4. Approximately 3 years old and in excellent condition. I just upgraded to Triad amp and switch. $675 includes shipping in the continental US. Just what is shown in the photos - you will need a power cord. If interested please message me. Thank you.
  5. I have 3 pair of Legrand evoQ 3000 series MS3800 8" In-Ceiling speakers with all mounting hardware, screen covers, rims, mounting screws, etc. for sale. The speakers are about 3 years old and work great. I have them because I recently upgraded to Klipsch in 3 rooms. $125 per pair each including shipping in the continental US or $300 for all 3 pairs including shipping in the continental US If you are interested, please message me. Thank you.
  6. Agree. I have 4 LG TV's and have used the Annex4 drivers for over 2 years with no issues. I do have all TV's hard wired.
  7. I have a buddy that tries to discourage hackers and uses "VIRUS_PIT" as his SSID. I always get a chuckle when I go to his place.
  8. It's fixed now - I needed a driver update. Thanks Mitch.
  9. I've used Deezer based on my dealer recommendation for over 2 years and really enjoy the service and Control4 integration. Yesterday, I upgraded Deezer service to HIFI+. I have an EA-5 v1 running 3.0.0. The issue I'm having is that when I check the "info" item for the tracks playing, it's always MP3 vs. FLAC. My account info checked via the EA says HIFI service level; I've logged in and out of my Deezer account; I've deleted and re-added a couple of tracks and re-played; I've searched and played brand new tracks - all resulting in MP3 service level actually being played. Is there a something I'm not doing? Thanks for your help.
  10. Have you tried a different HDMI out on your Denon? I've had HDMI ports go bad before while the rest of the AVR works fine.
  11. I went ahead and updated the firmware this morning to V02.25. No issues with the install - but no change in my issue of having to toggle through a specific path of sources before the target comes on. For those interested, the path I'm having issue with is connected as follows: Xfinity DVR to LU862D to Sony STR-ZA1100ES AVR to LG OLED65B7P TV. I have the Annex4 LG driver and mini drivers for YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The issue is when I go from YouTube LG Smart TV source to the Xfinity source - the picture just comes in as snow. To get the Xfinity picture to come in, I have to first go to Netflix LG Smart TV source then go to Xfinity and it works fine. At this point, I'm guessing that it's a programming issue. Ideas welcome.
  12. I have a Control4 LU862D video matrix running firmware version v02.23. I've been very happy with the switch, but in some instances when going from one source to another, I have to toggle a few sources before the target will show on the screen. I logged into the matrix and see that I'm 2 releases behind on firmware and am wondering if there are updates that may fix the issue I'm having. Does anyone have the release notes for v02.25? Has anyone had any issues upgrading to this release?
  13. I agree it's still a thing too. We built our house in the past two years and the bedrooms have the top half of the outlet on a switch where the bedside tables go and we have lamps plugged in that are controlled from C4. The bottom half is always hot for plug-in of clock radio, etc. We also have outlets on switches in the living room and dining room - both controlled via C4. We are very happy with the design.
  14. Thanks lippavisual. I do believe that is when I'm seeing it - when the power is off long enough for the battery to drain. Unfortunately, it always seems to happen while I'm on the road and my wife has to deal with it. My telephone support skills are improving; lucky I'm still alive and the system is still installed! Kind of a bummer in that box is only a little over a year old.
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