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  1. I'm not a dealer, but I know what my dealer used when we were building the house - they used auto-cad. They started with the auto-cad file for the house plans obtained from our builder, and then added 2 layers - 1 for lighting and lighting control, and 1 for structured wiring, wireless AP's, audio, video, security, central vac, security cams, and pool alarms. Communication between my dealer and us was pretty perfect because we had a detailed drawing to help us review, ask questions so we understood, and yes - helped both of us (primarily me) remember what we agreed to - i.e. Me during walkt
  2. For the Bond Bridge to work, the remote would have to work via radio frequency. If it does, then you have a chance. Get the FCC code off the back of the remote (assuming an RF remote) and you can try this site for looking up Bond Bridge supported devices: https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/ You might also open a support ticket on the Bond Bridge site with the make, model, of the fire-it and FCC ID and picture of the remote. BB support is very responsive.
  3. I don't send 2 toast messages - by "double up" I meant that I send the same message via push to our mobile devices and also via toast to the LG TVs. I'm happy with the LG implementation of the messages - both size of the message box and the duration of display. But you bring up a great point that you could send the toast message twice with a delay to get a longer duration. I've never read the driver doc, so I don't know whether there's a variable to set duration of display - functionality might be there too.
  4. I generally double up on the toast messages and regular push notifications - garage door open/closed; garage door left open, etc. They are only up there for seconds.
  5. @rea I just got notified of an update on the Deezer API - my playlists are all back working on both Sonos and Control4. You should give it a try and see if your problem is resolved. Good luck!
  6. I received a response from the Deezer Community manager that the problem is being addressed now. Here's a link to the post. https://en.deezercommunity.com/other-devices-49/cannot-browse-playlist-deezer-music-from-within-sonos-or-control4-68661?postid=184669#post184669
  7. I guess I should have added that when I access the playlists directly from the Deezer app, all the songs are there and they play just fine.
  8. I'm having the same problem with a few of my playlists. I get the same behavior whether I'm trying to play the list from C4 or from Sonos. I posted on the Deezer forum and at least one other is having the same problem for lists that have worked for years. My guess is that something changed on the Deezer API recently.
  9. My dealer recommended Deezer at the time of our install and we've had it for almost 4 years. The C4 integration is great; Deezer is also available on Sonos. Deezer has browser access as well as apps for your mobile devices. We've been very happy with it.
  10. My dealer installed Luxul gear with my system install during my new home build 4 years ago. I have an ABR-4500 router, 2 24-port switches, XWC-1000 AP controller, and 3 XAP-1410 APs. I think if you search this site, you'll find a lot of negative opinions of Luxul gear. In my 4 years of using the gear - I've found it to be reliable with solid performance. I've gone through multiple firmware upgrades with only one issue in being able to connect to an AP with an old Mac - my wife's newer Mac didn't have the problem so not sure who's issue it was. So the good is it's always been there and I c
  11. Not sure this is of much worth to you, but I went through the same process when we built our home. We live in southwest Florida 10 miles from the beach and I researched outdoor TVs for our lanai (fully covered but open air). I ended up putting up an old 35" Sony (essentially free since I had no where else to use it) on one wall and bought a 2nd tier LG 4k (just under OLED level) in the main viewing area. Assuming a useful life for a proper outdoor TV of 8 years, I figured a break-even on cost of 2-3 years. Lucky for me we will have been moved in for 4 years this April and both TVs are goin
  12. BTW - My experience with the Bond Bridge has been fantastic. I learned about it through this forum and did a lot of reading posts, Chowmain’s driver doc, Bond forum, etc. The product has worked as advertised-easy to install and add devices. I got away with one bridge to control 6 fans, 3 hurricane shades, and 1 fireplace situated in 4 different rooms-your mileage may vary as it’s just like wifi AP’s - range is dependent on construction and other obstructions between the source and target. Wife uses it daily. I haven’t integrated to C4 yet because I wanted to determine reliability a
  13. Bond works on my fireplace pretty well - on, off and Hi flame buttons work; Low button does not. But it varies by make and model. Bond documentation and support is very responsive with compatibility answers if you send them a picture of your remote with FCC ID. This Bond link also provides good feedback on supported devices - it uses FCC ID as input: https://bondhome.io/supported-devices/
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