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  1. Hello, do you have an update driver for this unit? Im using the driver from houselogix and is not working... Controller sees the 640 but is not receiving any information. Any help will be
  2. Hello, Has any one integrate the DBX ZonePro 640 before using the RS232 driver from houselogix? Do any one know about another RS232 driver for the this Unit. B;ackwire has one but is only IP, this equipment is RS232 only. Thanks
  3. The model I’m using is the 640 and from what I can read on the description is not supported since the 640 is only RS232.
  4. Hello, what zonepro pro model and driver did you use? I’m using the 640 with the houselogic driver and it doesn’t work property.. any advice will be really appreciated. Thanks
  5. The deep is not an issue at all, is just the position and the size of the cutout.. I haven't seen anything either. So let see what the outcome is.. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I need to install a 10" touch screen into a stone backsplash on a kitchen and the stone installer cut the stone as a regula single gan outlet on a vertical position. Is there any device that will let me use that already cut hole to install the touch screen back box? Any input on this will be really appreciated.. Thanks in advance..
  7. Do you happen to have a link to the driver. I have been looking for it on the C4 forum but I cannot find it. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks
  8. The play, pause and stop commands are not working for Netflix when I watch it using the new generation AppleTV. I try the new and old driver and I have the same results with both. Any idea or solution for this? I’m using the IR driver. Thanks
  9. Thanks. It works great but i have some issues when selecting zone 2. Really appreciated the info.
  10. Hello, Any one has a driver for the Yamaha rx-v683 AV receiver. IP driver will be ideal. Thanks
  11. for some reason it don't let me add the communication agent. The touch screen that i have in the project are the 7" In wall touchscreenV2. When I try to add the communication agent the system tells me that i have to run a migration wizard... Not sure about doing it, could it cause any issue to my project? Thanks
  12. Hello, I have a system that is running on 2.9. i just installed a new DS2 door station, i was able to identified it and the driver says that is online. I'm able to see the camera on composer but on network tools it said that the door station is offline. My main issue is that the driver don't let me select a call group, when i click on the drop down for the call groups this drop down is empty also it gray out.. any suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks
  13. I have try both of the houselogix drivers and for some reason i cannot get them to work..
  14. Hello, What will be the best and easy to use driver to integrate Somfy RTS using URTSI 2 to control4? Thanks
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