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    WTB LG OLED Driver

    Looking for a driver for my new tv. It's the 65B7A running web OS 3.5. Shoot me a pm with the price. Prefer the ip driver I think its apex who is the developer?
  2. I have a SnapAV B300 located in my upstairs equipment room. This feeds down to a receiver in my living room and then from the receiver to the TV. When I'm watching a source that is being fed by the matrix and someone flips a light switch the video signal drops out for a second. The audio continues playing just fine I just lose the video. I've tried swapping the balun at the TV and the problem persisted. I have the balun plugged into a battery backup so I don't think the balun is losing power. I've also replaced the receiver and the problem persisted. Any ideas on troubleshooting this behavior?
  3. The switches that cause it are on different circuits. Even lighting the gas stove does it. I'll definitely give the cable swaps a go.
  4. This location is not using a shielded cable. It's the only one that behaves this way. It's using a Cat5E that the builder ran. I have a spare Cat6 I could try just to test the cable. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. browneye253

    WTB BlackWire Ring Pro License Key

    Thanks for all of the PMs I was able to get this purchased.
  6. Looking for quotes on a license for this driver. PM's are fine.
  7. Is this sale available on HouseLogix too or just drivercentral?
  8. browneye253

    Atlona 8x8 88M

    How much?? Does that include any of the receivers?
  9. This is kinda old and not sure if you figured it out. I just setup a zwave lock through vera. With any device you're configuring through vera you have to make sure the Section, Room and device names are spelled exactly as they appear in the vera interface. You'll then have two drivers per zwave device. The vera lock driver and then a generic c4 lock driver. Then in the connections tab you'll connect those two devices and program against the generic c4 device. If you're entering the section, room and device name and pressing "set" after each one and the device id doesn't auto populate I'd review the spelling and maybe even the capitalization.
  10. browneye253

    Unifi Controller on Qnap NAS?

    I run it in a docker container on my Synology. Does Qnap support that? I've pretty much stopped using the package manager on my nas in favor of docker to avoid stuff breaking with each update.
  11. Just had this driver installed and it replaced a free kodi driver I was using. In this driver the FF and RW buttons now do a 10 sec skip forward or back. The other driver allowed it to use the FF feature of 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x. Is it possible to swap to that style of FF instead of the small steps?
  12. browneye253

    FS: Blackwire designs Ecobee Driver Licenses

    I might be interested... shoot me a price.
  13. Here's a screenshot of what I'm referring to. I have a Zwave sensor that is paired with a generic C4 Sensor. Then I program against the contact state of the C4 Sensor.
  14. I added a Zwave security sensor that was setup in Vera to my project. I then added a Door Contact Sensor to the project and connected the zwave contact sensor to the door contact sensor. When I attempt to program against the open or close state's nothing happens. If I program against the ContactState and check for true and false that is working. Am I doing something wrong or is it maybe this particular zwave sensor passing the open / close in a way that's not expected? I was able to setup a door relay and connect that to the arming relay of the sensor and the open / close programming works perfect for that.
  15. I have successfully setup the vera driver and I'm able to control a couple of zwave dimmers that were already installed. I'm now trying to control a switch but I don't see a driver for it listed w/ the vera stuff. I tried using the dimmer driver but it complains because the device isn't a dimmer. My work around is to create a scene in vera and then activate it but I was hoping to avoid the extra steps.
  16. browneye253

    WTB Engraved Buttons for Older Keypads

    Great... I'll get my list compiled.
  17. I'm looking for some engraved buttons for the 6 button older keypads. I can compile a list of all of the ones I'm looking for if they are still available.
  18. I have an HC-800 that when having the power turned on I get the following sequence. Power Light Link Light blinking for about a minute and a half Data Light blinks about 5 Times Wifi light blinks orange for a few seconds then turns blue and continues flashing indefinitely. At this point the screen displays the Control 4 logo and nothing else happens. I've tried to do a factory reset with no luck. I never get a purple wifi Light. I've attempted a network reset with no luck. Looking in system manager I don't see the device ever display. If I hold the factory reset button in until the orange wifi Light then all of the lights turn solid blue and they stay like this until a power cycle. Any thoughts? Is it possible to reimagine the flash with a copy from a good 800? If I do this do I lose the site license on the device? If that's not possible how much is it to have C4 repair it? Thanks.
  19. browneye253

    HC800 boots to C4 screen then halts

    Downloaded the image updater but it's not displaying the controller. Is there anyway to tell if a device is under warranty w/out contacting C4? I wish there was a NAND recovery process for the HC800 like there is for the 250. The systems feel identical to what's described in that KB article for the 250. I looked through my DHCP leases and I'm not seeing anything issued for that controller.
  20. browneye253

    Control4 and Vera Scenes

    I agree with Haveitall. I started doing my scenes in Vera but then realized I was going to have to keep up with programming in both vera and c4 so I moved all of the scenes to c4 only. Now I only maintain devices in vera, add them to c4 and all of my programming is in c4.
  21. browneye253

    Wemo Switch

    Can you not assign them static IP's in the router or whatever device is serving your DHCP to keep them from grabbing new IP addresses?
  22. browneye253

    Plex releases Kodi plugin

    I agree... I've tried both plex and emby for a backend and emby has worked out much better for me.
  23. I have an HC-800 as my main controller and a HC-250 in my living room to control those media devices. I've configured Shairbridge for a few zones with the 800 and they are working. When I try to airplay to the living room zone I don't get any output from the hc-250. I've also tried using Tune-In on that controller and it's not working either. Feels like I've missed a configuration or end point is setup wrong. I've confirmed the connections. I have the HDMI hooked up to the TV and 3.5mm out hooked to my receiver. When I activate Living Room Airplay the receiver turns on but it doesn't select the correct input. If I manually set the input on the receiver I still don't get output. Any thoughts?
  24. browneye253

    Shairbridge On Slave HC-250

    Finally figured this one out. It was indeed me overlooking a path in my system. I have the HC-800 hooked up to a matrix that is connected to the receiver. The problem is I didn't have the cable actually hooked up because it was just a test one evening. Once I removed that connection the system correctly used the HC250 to broadcast tune-in and shairbridge perfectly. The other clue was the HC-250 never turned on the data light prior to removing the 800 from the matrix. Thanks a bunch for all the tips and suggestions for troubleshooting.