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Help: Proxies and Connections

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I'm writing a driver that polls data using C4:urlGet, and depending on the resulting data an Event is fired.

Is it possible to create a driver without using any device proxies or connections?

I tried keeping proxies and connections empty:

<proxies />
<connections />

But, Composer doesn't even find the driver when trying to add it. So I'm assuming it's not possible to keep proxies/connections empty.

Any ideas on what type of proxy/connection XML configuration I should be using? And where specifically to look in the right direction for documentation? DriverWorks SDK 2.9.0 API Reference Guide doesn't document XML configurations very well at all...

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If you don't include a proxy you need to define the driver as a 'combo' driver meaning that the driver is its own proxy.

You can do this by including the 'combo' element and setting it to true, this element should be a child of the devicedata element.


You'll still need to include an empty proxy that is the driver itself in the proxies list. I generally leave it as 'other'.

    <proxies qty="1">
        <proxy name="Driver Name">other</proxy>

If you don't include the 'combo' element than you would have the proxy point to the driver.

<proxies qty="1">
    <proxy name="Driver Name">driver_filename</proxy>

You can leave the connections empty.

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