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IR Pause/Play Toggle


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I want to program a synchronized keypad double click to send IR pause/play to my cable box. At night pause turns up some lights and play turns them down. I have used a Boolean variable to "flip" pause/play. Sometimes 3 double clicks are needed to synchronize lights and television.

How do I program that the last IR emitted was pause so the next one is play and vice versa?


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I would try having a variable that flips between 0 and 1 or true and false for play and pause, then when you double click you check that variable to know if it's already on pause or play and you can send out the right code using If statements.

You'll also need to go to the cable box and add in programming for "when cable box pauses set variable to 0" and "when cable box plays set variable to 1" so that it keeps track properly when using other methods to play/pause.

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