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I am in the process of attempting to find someone who will finish up the final touches on my C4 setup.

I have a couple of remaining items that need to be done and I have pretty much given up on the intial installer. Though they are a Gold dealer I think they got in a bit over what they normally do. This needs to be a ONSITE setup

Existing setup

2 HC300 units

Three Zones

2 AV units

1 Projector

2 light switches

5 IP cameras

1 Media Server

2 Extenders

xBox 360

2 TV's

1 Zone Two setup (audio only)

2 dish Network units

3 HD OTA tuners

1 Rack UPS

Various CAT5 Runs

Only a couple of items are not setup correctly that I need tweaked

1. One of the Zones (Living room) seems VERY VERY slow to respond at times (30 seconds after pressing a button on the remote)

2. Extenders - For some reason after about 2 hours after a restart they cant be used. I can hear the clicks on the remotes but see nothing (checked screensavers)

3. I would like a "TV" option to be setup on the Living room so that DNLA units can stream to the living room

4. Media server - Seems like Zone two and living room are teamed together. I have two sounds cards in the HTPC Would like one card for each zone

Please feel free to shoot me a PM/Email if you think you are up to taking a look. I am near the Denton Area.


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