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  1. I am looking for the following to be installed https://www.epic-systems.com/products/amazon-echo-driver-for-control4 As well as a couple of changes to the existing system 1. Configure the existing Kodi units to go direct to the AV head unit vs the HDMI Matrix (Kodi drivers already bought and installed) 2. Configure the Media PC to do the same 3. Clean up lighting (have some really old lighting scenes that need to be migrated) 4. Figure out why the IP Cameras no longer show any video (would like them to work and IP's have not changed) Thanks
  2. I would love it if someone had even the ability to do IR codes or something for it... I am holding off just for that reason as I want everything in my racks and not in the room I am watching items in
  3. Bump... I am also looking at this...
  4. What type of cameras? I really do not need the hard drives..
  5. WTB 4Site subscription 4 POE Cameras Dome based that are outside weather proof. Looking fora solid company similar to Axis and no sub 100$ cameras. I would like great night vision and Pan/zoom remotely is NOT needed (variable focus though is desired) Please let me know if you are a dealer and would like to sell some cameras. I would like them to be capiable to be setup in the C4 System. (I use ISpy for the software to record) Thanks Derek
  6. I can tell you based on the IP Address's that the dump is quite old
  7. Bump... I now have tried TWO different people that stepped forward on this forum only to have them disappear into thin air. This job is still waiting to be done if anyone is open to it... Thanks Derek
  8. I have a VM that I can throw up for anyone for as well to be on the local LAN.. I can chat via phone/skype ect to help as well Currently I have changed out some of my equipment and would like to make some changes to the systems 1. Replaced the PS3/XBOX with KODI unit (means upgrade from 2.5 to 2.8) 2. Houselogic plugin. IF you have not done several of these already I am not interested 3. Yale lock somehow came off the network 4. Would like to use the yale residental phone app to control the door locks 5. Zone 2 (Bedrooms) are lacking some sources that I could swear use to be there 6. Some of the new features in 2.8 such as pandora ect I would like to have Thanks
  9. Neil: If you are still out there I sent a email a week ago as well as a Private message and tried the contact number at the start of this thread... Please let me know Thanks
  10. I am open to offers but thinking around $300 this includes at least one if not two (I think I have a second one around here) power supply as we know the power supplys on the 300's will die
  11. I have a current Thermostat that due to where my AC "closet" (heat buildup) is I have the unit cycle air every 15 minutes for my upstairs. I do not see an option to do so on the CCZ-T1-W unit. Will I have a option of doing this? Thanks
  12. This is a easy one.. Looking for 12 light switches (Mix of two and three button) switches installed.. (Near Denton) in white as well as a Home Site This is to add to an existing setup. Please email me if you think you are game.. Thanks..
  13. Problem found... User Error... What I thought was 1 minute was 1 second
  14. I set the timer for 60 seconds and as soon as the light turns on it turns itself off.. The conditions I have are 1. if light is on 2. start timer 60 seconds.. 3. turn off the light.. The light comes on for about a second then switches right off... I must not have something correct in my timer area...
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