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Video Tags - 3rd party?


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hi all,

Im using Jaikoz audio tagger to clean up my mps collection - it works great to sort out cover art, artist and song title type of information. A thread a couple of years ago here put me onto it (thank-you to whoever it was)

I just loaded video media into C4 for the first time seriously and think I'm seeing first hand what so many have talked about here. The effort to manually even update is huge due to no bulk ability to change tags in C4. (ie must do one at a time.)

Is there a "preferred" 3rd party product like Jaikoz for video that will assist in bringing more detail into C4. I paid for Jaikoz, best money I've spent, I'm even happy to pay for these capability for video.

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Does nobody use a tool to pre-populate video metadata before scanning into C4?

If so what do you use?, or doesn't this work like it seems to for .mp3 files?

(xbmc seems to scrape 95% of my library vs about 5% for control 4. It seems useless to me. I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong.)

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