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4sight vs myhome


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Hi all,

I only have a single iPad lic and never had 4sight/ myhome, but now i have two requirements.

1. Would like a dealer to be able to remote access my project. What is required? The my.control.com website suggests I need 4sight subscription, but a friend has myhome lic only and his dealer can get remote access to his project.

2.if I get a 4sight subscription does this give you iPad and IPhone access on an annual basis. The www.control4.com site seem to suggest 4sight gives you iPad/iPhone lic.


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1. Your master controller has to be registered to a my.control4.com account and allows support has to be checked. Then you have to make the dealer you want to give access to as your dealer of record.

At this point if you have 4sight your system stays online all the time so the dealer can remote in.

Without 4sight your dealer has to request a connection, then wait for the controller to check in so it can be remoted into. The master controller checks in once ~24 hrs. If the request has been made it will stay checked in for ~24hrs. Or the customer can go to a GUI or composer and do a check in which will connect it immediately for ~24 hrs if the dealer has requested the connection first. If the dealer hasnt then the controller checks in for a brief moment to look for new licenses then disconnects.

2. You have to have the old iPhone/iPad licenses or Myhome site/individual licenses. 4sight does allow you to access a web navigator that on a computer can be seen in flash. On the iPad and iPhone you have to use the HTML version which doesn't give you full functionality.

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