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HC300-EB for sale


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I have a used hc300 for sale.I got it in a box of stuff I bought. I looked into seeing what I needed to get it working but its more than I want to get into and it seems you need a dealer to get things going anyway so I figured I'd sell it. Has the unit,power cord and a sr250-z-b remote that I'm not sure if it works also has a rcz-src2-b remote but the screen is broken, I'll include everything $120 plus shipping. Also since I have no idea if it works or what if someone could point me in the right direction to test it that would be great. If someone does buy it and it doesn't work I'll refund your money plus shipping. If my price is way off please feel free to tell me. I know how forums work and I have no posts here but you can find me on www.jkowners.com and www.jeepasylum.com under the username BeerMonkeY .

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