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6 button help

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Im trying to program my 6 button keypad so that when I hit button 6 that it will turn on the outside lamp and also turn the button green. Then when double tapped for it to turn off and turn the button color back to blue.

The way I'm programming it is when button 6 tapped turn on light and change current 6 button color to green.

When I try this on the actual keypad the button doesnt turn green but when I hit execute in composer it does. Why is it my working through composer and not physically?

Also can anyone show me how to program so that when I press button 6 on the keypad it will turn th button green and turn the light on and when I hit the button again (just once) it will know if the lights on and turn off and change the button back to blue

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Do a toggle on the light at button 6. Then, program the light itself to react to a state-change. In the ON mode, go green on button 6. OFF mode, go blue (as in Meeechigan Wolverines) on button 6.

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