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  1. No status data showing overnight so big problem. Found that Auth Token needed refreshing. Did that now I got comms back on all stats.
  2. Is there a more current driver beyond 5/11/2018?
  3. Auth, bindings, all OK and have been for over one month now. Completely lost its mind- won't report proper mode back through Control4, Won't respond to a setpoint command through Control4, calls for fan-only at random moments in time (not aware that is even a valid mode for a FAU to begin with)....
  4. Yes drivers installed for all units. Entering a setpoint into a C4 TS, for a particular zone, has no impact on the stat and ability to control FAU. This problem started yesterday. Prior, I was able to adjust up/down the T for that zone. Comms look good both at wall unit and back at Lua output.
  5. I recently had two stat units installed and they work well enough at basically controlling an FAU. This is where it ends with my understanding. I think I read that scheduling is only accomplished within Ecobee and there is no integration with C4 on a time x time basis. This is fine with me. what I do have a problem with is I have no control over ON/AUTO for fan nor COOL/AUTO for mode. Where should I be starting with settings to get at least the basic commands coming over C4 (setpoint, off/auto, fan on/auto)? Thanks
  6. Will the 2N driver function fine on OS 2.9.1?
  7. Four things to consider or execute properly- 1. Project must be operating on 2.9.1 or higher 2. Existing corresponding CHE program should/must(?) be uninstalled 3. Install only the CHE version listed in http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf 4. Run only the patch listed in http://update.control4.com/patches/C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch/Composer_HE_Download_Instructions.pdf This is all self-explanatory stuff. However, I started with no Composer program installed. Some here have indicated that this process failed with an existing/pre-cert. version of HE onboard their computer.
  8. It works. I did not need to load the patch. Thanks
  9. I like 2.9.1 as much as I did 1.7.4 😀
  10. Simple question, is the backbox for the T3 wall TS same as older boxes? If not, larger or smaller hole in drywall? T3s call-out a C4-RWB57C-P p/n and looks to be the same box used on older TSs...
  11. ...or TEMPERATURE CONTROL binding is correct but TEMPERATURE is not. Either case, msgreenf is most likely correct.
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