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  1. @videostorm wanted to check what's the latest on 4k certified encoders? Is there a Netplay certified one? If not which encoder should one buy? Also need some 1080p encoders so please suggest which ones to go for. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. Have sent you an email.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a dealer in London to wire up a basic setup in a 3 bedroom flat. Would ideally like lighting control and a Videostorm AV distribution system. Thanks.
  4. I agree with you. I'm hoping by the time I'm ready to install it's off the Black List though.
  5. @mujtaba.khokhar I use a very similar setup at my home currently, i.e. Mikrotik for routing and UBNT for APs. I'm very happy with the performance but there is no c4 at the moment. Planning on installing a decent sized c4 set up with panelized lighting and audio matrix. I would like to use similar networking gear to what I have currently but am confused with UBNT being on the Black List from c4. What's your take on that? Also have you ever used Mikrotik switches? Have never used the switches myself but I am extremely happy with the router.
  6. @Pounce no pets for the moment. But probably best to get something with configurability. Which driver do you use in Control4 for the alarm control panel?
  7. Yes ofcourse will double duty them where required. Will do both turn on and off, but will delay the time off so it shouldn't be an issue. Plus it's a VRF airconditoner so it's multi zone itself. By responsiveness I mean, by the time the sensor detects the motion and the alarm control panel communicates the same to the C4 panel.
  8. @CFUG I actually want to use these sensors to turn lights and air conditioning on and off, not really using them for security. Hence need them to be responsive as well.
  9. @Pounce I would prefer hard wire as well. But trying to do something more effective then then Nyce/Control4 ones. The lighting will be panelized, either Control4 or Lutron (Homeworks QS). We have a fair bit of power outages and voltage fluctuations, and am being told the Lutron Homeworks QS with stands that better then then Control4 ones. Personally would prefer to keep all Control4, but may have to do Lutron with Control4 as the controller.
  10. I get what you're saying. Not doing it for payback, more for convenience. Which DSC sensors are you using? And how are they integrated with Control4?
  11. @dcovach this is for a new build so nothing in there yet. We would be doing a security system, but it would need to be a lot more extensive (as a lot more zones would be needed, if I understand correctly each motion sensor would require it's own zone?) Could you possibly recommend some specific models I could look at? Also would this setup be responsive and reliable as the Nyce sensors?
  12. From what I was reading there seems to be a limit of 12 sensors per hub. Not sure if I can have multiple hubs in one network.
  13. I agree with you on the wired point, otherwise there will be too many batteries to change. When you say the response will be better on Nyce Sensors, are you talking about the lag between detection and the specified action taking place? How long do you reckon the lag would be in? Both with Zwave and Nyce? I read some other posts on here where people were using the motion detectors on their DSC or similar alarm systems to trigger lights etc. Do you think that could be an option as well?
  14. Hi. I want to control majority of my lights with motion sensors. I think I would need around 40 motion sensors to do this. Any cost effective solution one could recommend?
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