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  1. Expensive solution + already have the matrix switch and amps.
  2. @JSTRONG and @lippavisual could you recommend any specific Dante products which I could use?Thanks
  3. @eggzlot this looks interesting. Was there any loss in quality while using these?
  4. Hi. I have a setup where I have a audio matrix switch in the basement AV closet and would like to place the amplifiers for the distributed audio closer to where the speakers will be. Around 20 zones are in the same building on different floors, and 6 zones are in another building next door. They need to play music from the same source in sync. Is there some way I could transport the output from the matrix switch to the amplifiers over ethernet or any other similar solution? Thanks.
  5. @alanchow so instead of using this driver write code on the arduino to send a http request to the generic TCP driver? Yes I think I could do that. Thanks!
  6. @alanchow is there anyway one could have these dry contacts interface with control4 over IP instead of serial? I know its a free driver but would appreciate any help you could give.
  7. Would anyone happen to know what the contact sensor voltage range is on the Z2IO's? They have 4 contact sensors but the voltage range is not mentioned. I wanted to connect a PIR sensor with 3.3V and was wondering if it would work.
  8. Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could control the internal wardrobe/cupboard lights via Control4. I would like the internal lights to come on whenever someone opens any of the cupboard doors, also I would like to manually turn the lights on via keypad/Control4 app, as the cupboard doors have glass fronts and the cupboard lights will also be used for ambient lights. Lastly the lights themselves will be powered by DALI drivers. I was thinking of using Reed switches hooked upto a relay in series and whenever a door opens the relay could trigger a response in Control4
  9. @South Africa C4 userThat's very interesting! Could you let me know how you physically connected the Modbus of the solar system to Control4.
  10. So this essentially acts like a two way switch but control4 always knows the current state the switch is in?
  11. @Zuhair if you use the shelly relay or sonoff mini is there two way feedback when the light is turned on using the mechanical switch? E.g. if someone turns the light on via the mechanical switch and we use the app/control4, will control4 know the current state of light? Or will it just be able to do a toggle?
  12. I'm not sure to be honest, but another user just posted that it is possible.
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