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  1. Hi, I'm looking to buy Triad Speakers, 12 pairs of R26 and 12 pairs of R28. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have experience using Cambium Networks Wifi with Control4? Are there any issues? And if someone could possibly check if its on Control4 black list like UBNT. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I need to control a large quantity of non essential lights and small motors via relays on a Control4 system. Normally one would use the Control4 8-Channel Relay (C4-DIN-8REL-E), on this board I came across this KMTronic 8 Channel relay https://sigma-shop.com/product/176/control4-compatible-web-lan-ethernet-ip-eight-channels-relay-controller-with-clips-for-din-mount-rail.html. There seems to be a driver for controlling it as well. Can this 8 Channel relay be used to power on lights (220V AC Current) and motors in the same way as the Control4 product? The price difference seems huge. Thanks.
  4. Thanks that is quite helpful. If I may ask is there any somfy motor that provides true two way feedback? If not is there any functionality that I'm not losing out by not getting a somfy motor as opposed to these generic motors?
  5. The Domosapiens driver states that it can control dry contact blinds, is that only for Somfy dry contact motors only? Or any brand? Where I'm based I'm having a hard time getting Somfy motors, am being offered generic dry contact tubular motors only. Would like to be able to open the blinds to a set percentage etc. If anybody knows about this please do let me know. Also if anyone can source me Somfy motors I would be interested. I have 22 windows, they are fairly large around 15' width by 11' height each. There is one which is 25' by 11' as well. These are all for external use with sunscreen fabric.Thanks.
  6. @videostorm wanted to check what's the latest on 4k certified encoders? Is there a Netplay certified one? If not which encoder should one buy? Also need some 1080p encoders so please suggest which ones to go for. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. Have sent you an email.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a dealer in London to wire up a basic setup in a 3 bedroom flat. Would ideally like lighting control and a Videostorm AV distribution system. Thanks.
  9. I agree with you. I'm hoping by the time I'm ready to install it's off the Black List though.
  10. @mujtaba.khokhar I use a very similar setup at my home currently, i.e. Mikrotik for routing and UBNT for APs. I'm very happy with the performance but there is no c4 at the moment. Planning on installing a decent sized c4 set up with panelized lighting and audio matrix. I would like to use similar networking gear to what I have currently but am confused with UBNT being on the Black List from c4. What's your take on that? Also have you ever used Mikrotik switches? Have never used the switches myself but I am extremely happy with the router.
  11. @Pounce no pets for the moment. But probably best to get something with configurability. Which driver do you use in Control4 for the alarm control panel?
  12. Yes ofcourse will double duty them where required. Will do both turn on and off, but will delay the time off so it shouldn't be an issue. Plus it's a VRF airconditoner so it's multi zone itself. By responsiveness I mean, by the time the sensor detects the motion and the alarm control panel communicates the same to the C4 panel.
  13. @CFUG I actually want to use these sensors to turn lights and air conditioning on and off, not really using them for security. Hence need them to be responsive as well.
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