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Receiver: Video Sources

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I'm curious how people are doing this now.

Two Questions:

Ive got my BluRay, 777 and EVA9100 is plugged to my receiver and the receiver is then connected to the TV via HDMI.

WATCh brings up the Receiver then I choose the video source from there. Under the "Receiver" I control the Receiver volume. But then when I swtch over to the EVA9100 to control the video, Here in lies my problem.

One it changes the input in the TV (The EVA is also connected DIRECTLY to the TV via diff TV input at time that I do not want the Receiver speakers) so I manually correct it. I now control the video but I then lose my volume control. Obviously I would like retain control of the Receiver volume and have EVA control without swtching sources

Now since I have the EVA also connected to the TV directly under a diff input it changes the input when I switch back in forth.

Probably a simple solution around these or I'm just completely binded incorrectly.

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Why do you have your eva with connections to your tv? all you should need is the eva hdmi out to the reciever and then the receiver out to the tv. and all should work. Then hide your receiver so it doesn't show up in the watch menu as you really don't need to acces it. Assuming your doing your connections yourself? Are you a dealer? as this is explained in day 1 of tech 1.


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