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Get Blu-ray Copy (Win) for free

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Good info, but the web site is a little funny, from the blog:

"How to identify the fake Blu-ray Disc?

Recently there’s a fake or pirated Blu-ray disc came out in the market. There’re few sellers selling pirated Blu-ray at very cheap price and few buyers bought them without knowing that it’s fake. Now we summarize several methods to distinguish the fake Blu-ray:

1. Check the price: If the Blu-ray disc is too cheap, it could be fake. The normal Blu-ray disc cost around $17-20. A few sellers sell them for $6-9 for brand new Blu-ray. This is totally impossible."

Uhh, the $6-9 is exactly where I put my price alert on most catalog BD's on Amazon. $5 BD's are not that rare, no matter what Netflix wants you to think with their silly outdated BD surcharge. "Impossible", hardly.

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