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Non C4 friend looking for media server option


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I have a friend (non C4 user) looking for a media server (be able to play movies primarily) that will be able to play to local TV through component or HDMI and then be able to stream to other areas of the house (no eathernet available as home is old). Are there any options out there that work this way (such as Dune or Popcorn hour)? Thanks

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If you have coax, then you could use WipNet. It turns your coax into a 266Mbs network in the home. I installed them in a home recently and it worked flawlessly and install time was 5 mins per location. It cost around $250 per location but no wall repairs. Includes 2 ethernet jacks and supports network switches. They also have a WiFi version to add WAPs. The only limitation is it does not work with Sat Service only Cable TV or unused coax. It works with splitters as well.

An alternative would be ZeeVee, which I have used as well. It takes any source and distributes over coax (Sat or Cable) on a single TV channel. Starts at $900 or so. Does require the TV to work with QAM HD channels.

From there you could look at almost any solution. I like Apple as it is simple and straight forward. You can add movies into itunes and stream them everywhere. Although if you have a good WiFi through out the home, AppleTV is wireless in the first place, but I like a hard network especially with Control4.

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