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Anyone know how to get a kwikset zigbee lock to leave the network?


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I've upgraded a project with zigbee locks to 2.2.2 from 1.8.2 and had one of the locks fail to come back up on the zigbee network. I've searched for instructions on how to get it to leave the network so it can be rejoined, but to no avail. Anyone know? Or can point me to the instructions? The magic sequences table should have a lock column. I've found some info for the yale locks, but not the kwikset. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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The button on the right? Not the programming button? WHich one identifies it? There are three buttons in an inverted triangle - a programming button on the bottom, and a left and right button above it. Most single button devices are 13 times.

thanks so much...

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I guess it has failed. I can't get it to do anything. It continually flashes yellow/orange at a slow rate. When I press the right button 9 or 13 times there is a red led that comes on on below the button, but then goes out. No beeps, no change in the flashing led below.

Pushing the right button seven times should get it to flash its channel - but nothing.

ANy ideas?

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Reset a Kwikset Zigbee Lock:

  1. press the right button 9 times to disband the lock
  2. pull the battery out
  3. press the program buttons a few times, the lock may squeal
  4. press and hold the program button as you drop the battery back in. Hold it for 5 seconds
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