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  1. They are 60 watt replacement dimmable bulbs, and they will dim. I’ve tried them in a single light fixture as well as bathroom or kitchen fixtures that have four or five bulbs. They all the the same result. They will dim but like I said after about a day or so the bulbs still have a glow when you turn the lights off.
  2. I haven’t attached any pictures. Not sure where you’re seeing that. My question is for the LDZ-102
  3. Neutrals are installed on all the dimmers.
  4. I recently bought some Sylvania 10 watt LED bulbs and tried using them in some fixtures where I have some of the older C4 dimmers (LDZ-102), they work fine at first but after a day or so when you turn the light off the bulb some what remains on. I have tried it with several dimmers in the house but the same results. At first dimming works fine, light will turn off fully but a day later the bulb will not completely go out. Is it something with a combination with these dimmers and brand bulb? Also I’ve read Cree are very good bulbs and dim well, has anyone tried them? Thanks
  5. The project is an HC 250 running 2.9.1 and cant be upgraded to 2.10.
  6. I have done this before in the past but has been years. Trying to use the remote temp sensor on the CA wireless contact sensor but cant remember or find the display driver in composer to display it. From what I remember there was a CA temp display driver to add top the project and then bind it to the sensor. Is that driver not available anymore or am I just missing the obvious?
  7. Do you still have this for sale?
  8. Do you still have this for sale?
  9. Hi, I purchased from you a month or so ago. I need one more switch if you have anymore available. Thanks
  10. Looking for like 2 switches, a dimmer and maybe a 3 button keypad to get him started.
  11. How much do you want for each of the dimmers, switches and keypads? I'm putting together a small system for a friend and have color change kits so color doesn't matter.
  12. Do you still have the HC-250 and if so does it include the licenses?
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