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IR Specs: HC-800 / HC-300


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Does anyone have any specs on the IR outputs on the HC-800 and/or HC-300? I am looking to build a IR blaster and would like to know how powerful of LED I can get. I do know that the IR output power is 25ma for the six ports on the HC-800 and 25ma for ports 1-5 on the HC-300, and 250ma on port 6 on the HC-300. What I don't know is the voltage for the ports. I could measure it, but my guess is that the pulsing won't give me a good constant voltage. I am thinking that someone must have the specs for these ports. Anyone?


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Hey, since my question is semi on topic here (albeit a bit easier to understand) i'm going to ask this as well.

Is there only specific IR blasters that work on the 300/800 or would any 3.5mm jack blaster work here? can you share the schematics (if they exist online) of what you are building? i'd also be interested in the specs if someone else has answers to that.

also i've heard that you can run IR over any 2 cable wire to extend it, but is there a limit to the distance here? atleast a rough idea of how far this can go?

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