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Remote Intergrator for Simple cleanup items


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Items to do

Currently have 2 HC-300 units with a master/slave setup

1. Get Listen/Stations/ to actually tune to the channel on the FM stereo (Denon 4311 unit) - Currently changes to fm but does not change the channel

2. Get Internet Radio to be able to be seen from the Control4 button (I can add stations in ME but I cant navigate to them)

3. Add if possiable the ability to play mp3's from a Media Server (\\192.168.x.x.\media) vs a USB drive

4. Install/configure PushNotify (BrightSky) to the Yale locks to notify me everytime a door is locked/unlocked

5. Configure if possiable Red Button when pressed to go to a video camera (already configured in C4)

6. Upgrade to 2.2 from 2.1

Please contact me via E-mail or post here...

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