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PopBox v8 versus PopBox 3D


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I am planning on adding another media player capable of playing Bluray ISO files. I have a Dune which works well but my dealer suggested that if adding, go with the new PopBox v8. My question is has anyone used this and what is the difference is performance between the PopBox V8 and the PopBox 3D since they are the same price it seems to make sense to buy the one that supports some sort of 3D format (though it states it doesn't supports Bluray 3D).....

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I just received my Popbox V8 and hooked it up to my system yesterday. Everything seemed to do well with BluRay ISO files except when I played any Star Wars series BluRay, the DTS HD MSTR audio would play for a short time and then completely cut out. If I switch audio tracks to the commentary track the audio comes back (Dolby PL II) and then if I switch back to the DTS HD audio track it may or may not come back for a minute and then cut out again.

This does not happen on all movies. I tried Tron Legacy BluRay ISO and that seemed to work with the DTS HD audio track.

In reading the forums, I was both relieved and upset to find at least I wasn't the only one with this issue as I thought it was perhaps a hardware (I have a Denon 3311 receiver) issue.

The whole reason I purchased this item was to stream BluRay ISOs from my NAS in my theater but if I have no audio, there is no reason to keep it.

So if anyone is looking at this product, you may want to look elsewhere for a product that fuctions correctly...

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