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277V Lighting Control


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I have an application where I need to control two 277V lighting zones that consist of 12 fixtures per zone. Each fixture houses two 32 Watt lamps. Each zone is currently controlled by a rocker switch. My issue is I need to to get control of these two zones through Control4.

The obvious solution is to use the standard C4 switch to throw a relay but that will require an electrician to come back to site to run 120V to the switch location and to wire in the relay. We are

trying to save cost as this is a donation type project so we would like to avoid additional electrical work if possible. Additional cost is also why I am not looking at a Radio Ra2 solution.

What I am hoping for is a controllable 3rd party switch that I can trigger on/off with either a contact closure or RS-232 command from and HC-500. I have looked at the Insteon 277V switch and their RS-232 adapter but they have given zero support when I contacted them about this application.

Has anyone successfully integrated with a controllable 3rd party lighting device that can handle 277V?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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