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Programming the coloured buttons on the sr-250

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Hi all,

I've just had a C4 setup installed in my cinema. It's working brilliantly and I've already learnt a lot while tinkering with Composer. One thing I can't figure out if it's possible or not, is whether I can program the coloured buttons on the remote to perform actions?

What I want to do, is set those buttons to perform multiple actions, just like any other button press.

I want, for example, the red button to set the projector to an aspect of 4:3, and vertical stretch off. Moving forward I also want the button to set the aspect of the masking system. If I can get the button to appear in the events area, I can program it, but what I'm hoping someone can answer for me, is how do I get those buttons to appear as a device event?

Thanks in advance,


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