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Anyone have or interested in creating an IP driver for the Mede8er MED600X3D/MED1000X3D line of media players? I got one of these because of the reliable playback of Blu Ray ISOs compared to other players. I know I can't have a jukebox-type view for selecting movies on the C4 touchscreens, I just want the ability to send commands (up, down, play/pause, etc.) to the Mede8er unit.

The Mede8er unit has an HTTP web-based remote control, and I can simply type a command in a web browser to control it. The commands are things like:

Move Up: http://<IP_Address>:1024/cgi-bin/cubermctrl.cgi?id=1&cmd=CMD_UP

Move Down: http://<IP_Address>:1024/cgi-bin/cubermctrl.cgi?id=1&cmd=CMD_DOWN

Move Left: http://<IP_Address>:1024/cgi-bin/cubermctrl.cgi?id=1&cmd=CMD_LEFT

Move Right: http://<IP_Address>:1024/cgi-bin/cubermctrl.cgi?id=1&cmd=CMD_RIGHT

There are about 40-45 commands total.

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