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FS: Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ w/ 4 x 2TB Drives


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I'm upgrading to an 8 bay unit so I'm selling this one. I've used it to stream movies including multiple simultaneous Bluray rips and I've never had an issue. No buffering or anything, just flawless playback.

I've repurposed the drives, and am offering this diskless.

It's always been connected to a power conditioner and UPS, and stored in a dust free, climate controlled environment.

I have the original box, which I'll package it up in. All original cords and manuals included as well.

Send email or PM with any reasonable offers. I don't really know where to price it.

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How much did you have in mind?


As a note; Would this happen to be the V2 version? I've gone through a bunch of NV+ but if its not V2 the product is EOL and the firmware is no longer being updated and tops out at 2TB will not take anything bigger.

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I don't know if it's a V2 or not.

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Thanks Dan,


But it doesnt matter anymore both V1s and V2s are EOL now anyway. Although I think at least the V2's firmware will support 3TB hard drives. The V1 unfortunately will only support 2TBs and the list of supported compatible hard drives are getting harder to find. As I mentioned I had the V1 was hoping to find a V2 as cheap replacement.


You also might want to list your ReadyNAS in their marketplace they also have a few of them V1 and V2s there for sale.


Good luck, here's the linkys











What's the firmware? Netgear Forums

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