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Need help with C4 tuners


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I have a C4 dual tuner and also my Denon's tuner to use in my system and need some advice on how to set this up like I want it to work.

In the theater/basement I want the Denon tuner to be the only one it uses, so I made the C4 tuners not visible in that room and that seems to work (but if there is a better way I'd like to know) now for the C4 tuners I have 3 speaker points that I would like to be able to just select tuner and it will select the unused tuner or somehow to select to join the tuner in use if one is I being used.

hope this makes sense

is there an easy to set this up in C4??

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If you have composer you can go to system design and go to search and "other" and find the am/fm cloud... add this to the other rooms you want you C4 tuner in and bind it to the C4 Tuner itself...In the "DENON ROOM", make sure the am/fm cloud is only bound to the denon tuner...This is how we do it, I can make you a sample project if need be, it's not too hard....If anyone has a better idea, please share, I'm always open to a more robust approach :)


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