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Remarking out a line


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I am sure that everyone has already figured this out - but - in case you have had the same wish that I have - I am posting this in case it will help someone.


Periodically there is a line or section of code that I no longer want to execute. HOWEVER - I don't want to lose the code - in normal languages I would "remark" out the offending line, but this is not possible in Control 4.


So - Under SCHEDULE in SCHEDULER - CONDITIONAL tab - you can say - 


If Date < (put current date here) then

         now indent your code and put the old section that you want to no longer execute here.


This works if you are trying to debug something - - in other words see if you like something else better. Of - you really don't want it to execute any more but you might in the future - or you want to document WHEN you removed this line of code - the date shows when you did it as well.


Hope this helps someone.





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