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Nested MTS Custom Buttons


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I find the MTS custom buttons one of the coolest and most versatile features of C4. The only thing is, I usually want more of them than are available. Particularly once you dedicate a couple of corners to ALL_ROOM screens, you're left with 12 to customize on a per-room basis.

I'd love to see the option of a custom button being a link to a sub-screen with 6 of its own buttons. Thus instead of 6 buttons on each of the 4 corners, you could have up to 36 buttons on each of the 4, but organized in a very accessible way!

In my experience, many of the needs that drive my desire for large numbers of custom buttons are actually related groups. For example, I'd love to have a button that says "Turn off Media" which would then take me to a sub-screen with buttons that say "First Floor" "Second Floor" "Basement" and "Office" "Kitchen" "Porch". Instead, right now, it would take 6 separate buttons to do this.

You could also imagine if there are lights that you regularly like to control from someplace outside their room, instead of always having to switch an MTS to a different room (a ~15-second lag time on my system) you could have a single MTS custom button called "Outside Lights" that would then take you to a sub-screen with a top row of ON buttons and a bottom row of OFF buttons, or with 6 different scenes, etc etc.

Anyone else interested in something like this?


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