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Simple home intercom system?


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I am looking for an easy way to intercom between rooms (mostly from the kitchen to the kids room upstairs so we don't have to shout at them to remember their soccer socks, etc..).   The only things I can find are really cheap radio shack wireless radios (walkie talkies basically), wired systems that costs thousands to install and look like they were designed in the 80's, or C4 touchscreens that also cost thousands and have a ton of functions I don't need for the kids' rooms.    


I find it hard to believe there isn't something in-between that just transmits voice (not video) and maybe uses Wifi instead of radio signals?  There are lots of "front door" intercoms that do this with video, but those are also over-kill and I don't want video from their rooms, just voice (have to give them some privacy). 


Maybe something exists and I just haven't found it.  Any ideas from the group?   I know it's not exactly Control4 specific, but I could see how something like this could add a good functionality to C4.

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