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I'm looking to add an outdoor keypad to my C4 system. Ideally it would be powered by POE, IP and it would be a bonus if it had a camera and/or a display that I could control remotely. 


The thinking here is that a user shows up at the door, enters in the their code/fingerprint/HID/etc and C4 would unlock the house, turn off the alarm, etc. 


I'm having a hard time finding a keypad that does this. Recommendations?



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I would utilise one of the many wiegand based security keypads/finger print readers out on the market and get your security installer to integrate it to your security system.  Once integrated you can disarm the house/unlock the front door/etc etc easily (either via security panel programming or control4 programming).


In regards to the camera many people utilise either a doorstation (control4 branded or 3rd party) or just mount a supported IP camera up and point it at the door.

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