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Composer HE Version and Director Mismatch?


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Hopefully this isn't an issue, but looking in composer HE (I bought the license from my dealer), I see my director version is, and my composer HE is  If I look on my control4 download website, this is the only version of composer HE I can download.  Is there another version to match my director? Should I have my dealer update my director to 455577, and does this exist? I have had some issues with composer, and that's why I'm looking into this.  Thanks

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They are the same version, different build numbers.


It's not unusual for Control4 to release a Composer version with a different build number than Director.


For example, on the current 2.7 beta release, my ComposerPro version is, Director version is  They're fine together.


It would only be an issue if the version number was different, typically the build number is not as important.



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