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c4 thermostat problem


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Hello,  I am new to this, so here I go. 


My control 4 thermostat is having problems I believe. My a/c person has been out to our house some 3 times because my house does not cool right and my electric bills are going up and up.


I just noticed in walking past my thermostat that it somehow changed from cooling to heat? Why.  


I also have to set the temp down some 3 degrees below what I want in order for the higher fan speed to come on with our unit. 


We have lived in the new home for some 3 years and our monthly electric bill has gone up 100.00 per month.


Any help?



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Ok so for the thermostat switching from cool to heat make sure you have it set to a permanent hold.  The center button on the thermostat will cycle through your options.  For the part where you have to set the temp down 3 degrees it sounds like you have dual stage cooling.  In composer under the advanced config for the thermostat you can adjust the settings for how many degrees different your set point is compared to the rooms temperature before the second or auxiliary stages kick in.  typically you would just run that second stage to reduce the temperature to your set point, then your main stage would be able to maintain it.  that's something your dealer would have to configure, not something your a/c guy would be able to handle.  Hope that helps.

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