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Old equipment Still useable.


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I Have one AVM-MC1-B and two AVM-HTC1-B. I pulled these out of a customers house about 5 years ago. I wonder if this equipment is still useable with modern Control4 products I.E touch panels and the like. This equipment  has been  sitting in my basement for 5 years. I know very little about Control 4, I generally install and program RTI, Lutron these days. I was once a Crestron Prodigy dealer and Netstreams was what replaced this Control 4. I am to the point where it needs to be used, sold or recycled.  



Thank you



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In reference we are now in 2.71.


There was a major hardware min requirements change in 2.6 which is was just released Sept of last year.


But even then most people stopped using those at 2.0 which was 5 years ago

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