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Problems with SR-250 Remote/Controller Registration

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Ok, I'm a bit of a newbie, and a do it yourself-er, so please bare with me!


I inadvertently messed up my HC-250 (had to attach a HC-300 to the project to upgrade my switches to ZigBee), and I've fixed everything back. EXCEPT:


I can't use the control4 button on the SR-250 remote to take me to the "home" screen. I can use the remote to use the watch/listen menus with no issues. My other HC-250/SR-250 combo works fine.


What can i check for to fix this? Can I post any information to help resolve this?


Also, when I wiped my controller, i seemingly have unregistered it. How can i reregister it? it's asking for a 10 digit code? It appears when i sign into my account on control4 it is already registered?


Thanks in advance for the help!!

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You will want to check your end points in that room and match them to the physical hardware. 


On a touch screen or the Control4 for PC-Mac application; go to Settings > Registration and place your 10 digit registration key from your customer.control4.com account. 


I hope this helps.

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