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  1. I would recommend a Roku for Netflix streaming and has full Control4 capabilities. Matt
  2. Works well and smooth PTZ. Matt
  3. Which version of the OS are you running? Matt
  4. What is your dealer account ID and I'll look up your Composer Access and Account? Or are you using HE? Thanks, Matt
  5. Thanks, unfortunately the system is password protected and I am unable to access it. Matt
  6. I can look at this for you. What's your customer.control4.com account name? Is the panel wireless, or hardwired? If wireless, does the signal strength on the T3 look good (upper right)? What version of OS are you running? What's your network topology? Thanks, Matt
  7. For your dealers they can review Article ID: 2229 on the dealer and support KB. Thanks, Matt
  8. Here is the 2.9.1 version of ComposerHE: https://control4.box.com/s/p7c9nww1gtfe7pi7gr7vejlmbbkziy9w Matt
  9. Here is some more information: https://www.control4.com/for/owners There are helpful videos in the above link, if needed. Matt
  10. Here you go: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/composer-he/user-guide/latest -Matt
  11. Looks like Ring does have problems with beamforming and shared SSID's. See: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi/Ring-Door-Bell/td-p/1144881 Matt
  12. I am running the WR-1 with a ring and I am able to connect without issues. The only portion I am missing is the TP Link AP. How far away is the ring to the WR-1? Could you unplug the TP Link AP and see if you are able to connect to the internet using only the WR-1? Matt
  13. Can't really restart it, if Control4 hasn't started Matt
  14. Incorrect, the app has never been outside of Control4's internal testing. Matt
  15. I like the subject line on that 'Download Control4 Intercom For PC Windows and Mac' Not going to happen on Windows or Mac. Matt
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