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Best Practices For 3 Way Dimmer Wiring


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We currently have Lutron "Maestro" dimmers in our home theater. A couple of the dimmers are 3-way for dimming from either side of the room/from either switch (aesthetics and dimming from either switch was one of the reasons we went with the Maestro).

We would like to replace the 3-ways with C4 wireless dimmers so we can automate the lights for vacation modes, dimming prior to DVD/TV watching, etc.

How do C4 and installers suggest implementing a 3-way solution? Can we continue to dim from either side of the room?

Not sure if it matters, but the lights to be dimmed are a set of 6, standard, 6", in-ceiling cans w/incandescent (65W) flood light bulbs.


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There aren't really 'best practices', there's only one way to implement it with Control4 equipment:

Your dealer should install a dimmer where the load is actually being controlled, and a 2-button keypad on the other side. They are linked together in the software, so that the button press on the 2-button keypad causes the dimmer on the other side to dim/brighten/etc. the load.


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